aunt wendy and what a mess that movie turned out to be

aunt wendy is one person who inspired me to do all that i do.
i remember being young and listening in full fascination to her radio shows.
she made me a fan of celeb gossip and just wanting to be in that world.
at times,
she was very malicious and i wasn’t a fan of that,
but i loved how she handled her career.
after being banished so many times because she offended the wrong person,
she was always able to bounce back.
she is very much a cancer as i am.
so when i heard she had a movie + doc on lifetime,
wendy williams: the movie” and “wendy williams: what a mess“,
i was all on board.

I hated that movie

i thought it was awful.
the actress did well even though she sounds like a staten island mob wife.
aunt wendy should have cast someone thicker tbh.
she was a size 0 talmbout she was getting lipo.
the pacing was also a mess and felt like it was rushed.
it shoulda been a miniseries like the new edition story on bet.
she was young one minute and then and a grown-ass vixen hooked on coke.
not only that,
it left out many things about her career.

Wendy’s main shtick was outing DL males within the industry

that is where her catchphrase:

…came from.
she was legit obsessed with the whole dl celeb underground many of us never knew about.
she got most of her gossip from gay males who allegedly fucked said celebs.
i would have loved if the movie focused more on what made her so infamous.
if you take “wendy williams” out of the title,
it would have been a random story about a vixen trying to make it as a radio host,
but meets and gets involved with an ain’t shit jackal along the way.

i enjoyed the documentary more.
wendy williams: what a mess” and what a mess it was!
i think that should have been the movie tbh.
after watching that,
i felt sorry for her,
but i had to understand that is her karma as well.
sjhe literally outed method man’s wife having cancer on her show when that was hidden from their fam.
she spent her entire career making everyone a hot topic and she became one in the end.
the same husband that protected her was the same one who was sent from satan to destroy her.

Do not let the good dick get involved with your business matters.
These ballsy vixens always have some male ruining their careers.

in the end,
i learned that hurt people do hurt people.
it started with wendy’s parents and the issues with her weight.
to me,
she came off as the outsider who wanted to expose all the popular kids who dissed her.
wendy definitely has played the villain in her career,
but unfortunately,
she got married to a villain too.
when things were good,
they were great,
but now shit has hit the fan:

it’s fucked up how kevin did her tho.
let’s hope this was the release she needed to heal and move forward.
if you want to watch the movie + doc:




and the iconic:

lowkey: i like that i wanted to be in that world and now i am.
i was always someone who knows everything about everyone in entertainment.
the foxhole continues to keep me updated in knowing everything.
i love you all for that.

11 thoughts on “aunt wendy and what a mess that movie turned out to be

  1. Thank you Jamari for the link I just finished watching the movie I really enjoyed it . Wendy got to tell her own story in her own time and in her own way. Bravo to the actress who plays Wendy I think her name is Sierra Payton she was great . Wendy is a strong woman and she’s been through hell and back and she always rises up what a fight she is. Imagine having three miscarriages and she still wanted another baby. I now understand why she stayed with Kevin for so long she had been with him since they’re were like in their 20s and they went through a lot together But damn he did her dirty at end really try to ruin her . I’m glad she final found the strength to leave the marriage

  2. I’ve followed Wendy’s career since I was around the age of 14, listening to her on 89.7 kiss FM, then Hot 97, and when she returned to NY from Philly. What I disliked is that she was unapologetic about outing DL males and putting people’s business out in the street. What I admired about her is that she was bold enough and had the confidence to continue despite the latitude of threats she received. I remember her catch phrase and how it began. In the beginning it was “Pinkies up” referencing gay men and how they assumably drank wine with their pinkies up while holding the glass. That really didn’t catch on, but “Oooooh!, how you doing” hit referring to a flamboyant gay man entering a room. That’s where that derived from. I hated how she and Skelletor would play soundbite of “oooh!, how you doing when they assumed a caller or celebrity was speaking on air. At the time, I did not see how toxic that was, because we would all laugh, but times does change and we mature. Anyway, I share the same sentiments with most of you concerning the movie and documentary. There is a sadness looming over Wendy, especially when she speaks about her ex-husband Kevin. I pray that she’s ion a better space today than she was when the documentary was recorded, and she is seeking therapy big time.

  3. That movie was trash, I watched it for about 15 minutes n them turned the channel.. what a waste of space.. the what a mess was soo much better..on a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a 6..

  4. IF you look close enough, you’ll find that Wendy genuinely DOES NOT CARE about other people. She’s funny, personable, and down to earth. People think that equates to caring. Wendy could care less about people. AT the end of the day, people who go thru their entire lives only for themselves fair badly.

    Look at her. Fifty some odd years old. Alone. Crying. Divorced. Addicted. With a trail of broken relationships in her past.

    Wendy needs to start a new chapter in her life, one of giving back. Or trying to make a difference. And it doesn’t even need to be with money.

    And I think thru the healing of others, she’ll find her own healing.

  5. Am not a fan of hers because her game was outing people While now it is not a total career ender but back in the day it could have been I don’t think that’s cute or acceptable and was and still am amazed how the community idolizes her and that behavior

  6. …yeah the documentary was the movie for me. I felt genuine sorrow for her coupled with ‘this is just karma for the seeds you made a good living sowing’

    For some reason, i kept getting the ‘signs’ or feelings that she wouldn’t be around long. Maybe it was the way the documentary part was filmed. I got a really bad vibe for some reason. I hope she is getting help for her unhappiness. It’s so weird seeing someone still delight in the demise of other folks lives when her own is kinda still in shambles.

      1. Man i kept feeling it. I’m glad i wasn’t alone. I kept thinking i was crazy. I would leave the room and come back and the feelings came back.

        Definitely praying for her

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