is this a form of punishment or what i require during foreplay?

imagine if they punished jackals and hyenas like they do in these other countries?
it would be a shit show.
i feel there is a joke there with this following entry a foxholer sent me.
these three thieves had to show their talents on each other for their punishment…

…and you already know most straight males don’t clean their tails properly.

well in lighter news,
in atlanta,
that would actually be a good time at a sex party.
i’m sure i’ve seen that same human caterpillar on someone’s onlyfans.
i guess it’s all perspective.


6 thoughts on “is this a form of punishment or what i require during foreplay?

  1. lol they are speaking Zulu, the comments are a lil funny, (the lady says “he is licking to the side, lick it, he says they must have been drinking heavy beer but they must swallow, swallow it” ) I think they were caught stealing. I don’t think these are the police as one says “We are here to work and you lot are doing shit” which makes me think its security guards of a place who caught these guys.

  2. I wanna feel sorry for them i really do, beacuse this is humiliating, degrading, homophobic and it’s a rape…

    BUT i grew in Cameroon, one of those country, and the thing these thieves do to people like ironing people in thier home, forcing fathers to rape thier daugther…

    Like can you just steal and go your way ???

    So i’m not sorry. You have to live it to understand why the population go there. I’m against social justice… but i do understand where it comes from.

    Hey at least they didn’t burn them alive because beleive me it can be very barbaric and authorities aren’t doing shit about it

    In conclusion : bon appétit !

  3. This says so much about the men who forced them to do this and film it. I am always amazed at how clueless “Straight” men can be when doing acts like this . A few examples are Highschool boy’s locker room hijinks, Frat Boys initiations. Very “Homo-Sadistic “.Simply put, hidden “sexual frustration”.

  4. That street justice reached a new low but hey”, it better than being shot or beat up by a crew, enjoy chowing down your boy. I guess this is what Rebbie Jackson ” Centipede” was singing about.

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