Sorry, But You Gave Him Dome Way Before The “Suing” Grace Period.

kevin-clash-elmokevin clash got down on his knees today.
he was saved by time.
i guess it’s back to your respective corners boys.
looks like you won’t be getting on that check you were waiting on…

Numbers have saved Elmo.

A Manhattan judge Monday threw out three sensational sex suits against Kevin Clash, the long-time voice of the beloved Sesame Street monster.

The three actions accused Clash, 53, of being a real-life monster who preyed on underage boys.

The accuser known as John Doe said he was 17 when he had a sexual encounter with Clash in his New York apartment in early 1996.

Cecil Singleton said he was 15 when he began his “relationship” with Clash in 2003.

Kevin Kiadii said he was 16 when he was “lured” to Clash’s apartment in 2005, and had a sexual encounter with him.

The plaintiffs all said they weren’t aware of the “adverse psychological and emotional effects” they’d suffered as a result of their encounters until last year, but in a ruling released Monday morning, Judge John Koeltl found that wasn’t enough of an argument to trump the statute of limitations in the three cases.

The trio had six years to file suit against Clash, and all three missed the deadline, the judge said. “The complaints in these cases were filed more than six years after the defendant’s conduct with each plaintiff ended,” the judge wrote.

He said their arguments that they didn’t discover their injuries until last year didn’t hold water because “they were aware of the facts that while minors, the defendant had engaged in sexual activities with them in violation of one or more federal statutes.”


3OSVmwe can all learn a thing or two from this.
there is a:

don’t mess with the kiddies.

and b:

x see non disclosure agreements entry

don’t forget c:

stop fuckin’ messy hoes.

that should solve any future issues for bullshit.
the city is done with you.
you are free to move to a small town and start fresh.
here is your re-location package:

manila_envelope_styled_ipad_leather_caseit’s been fun.

6 thoughts on “Sorry, But You Gave Him Dome Way Before The “Suing” Grace Period.

  1. I am so glad that the suits have been thrown out To me they were being vindictive. First of all the first person got with Kevin in 1996 ARE YOU F– KINDING ME.. That person is now what 34 years old?? Give me a break. How long were they soo devastated ??? where they devastated while they were sucking his dick? Riding his dick?? Spending his money?? I am not saying that there are legit claims out there because I believe there are but this is ridiculous. If they felt soo scared why didn’t they tell someone the first time they felt his dick in their ass??

  2. Actually glad that they threw this out, if they would have told this story when it happened it would have made a difference for others to come forward who have been real victims of abuse. They made a mockery out of the legal system trying to get money all these years later. Hopefully, Mr. Clash will sit his ass down somewhere and leave this young trade alone.

    1. I click on video and at :22 second mark a guy with DAVON on his shirt appears on screen LOL.Interesting that the accuser,Sheldon didn’t mention his occupation like the other guys did.

  3. I’m glad of it. One came out with the claim and the rest followed. Talking about how they were damaged. Get outta here.

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