Fantasia and K Michelle Have A 2-some In The Foxhole

1305284725906these two videos from fanny and k michelle have one thing in common.
i already gave you a clue with the damn henny bottle at the top.
fanny just released “without me”.
k michelle also released “v.s.o.p” two days ago.
two great summer time r&b records for the foxhole…

k michelle – v.s.o.p

ya’ll know i love this k michelle and this damn song.
i listened to this song one day on repeat for the whole day.
i never get tired of hearing it.
the video was cool.
i wasn’t really blown away.
the wolf was cute tho.
k looked good.

fantasia feat kelly rowland and missy – without me

well alright dammit!
wasn’t what i was expecting,
but i loved it.
kelly looks so good.
she has definitely evolved since her dc days.
you know what i just realized?
i own this album.
i forgot i bought it.
i admit i only listened to it once.
i’ll be checkin’ it out again tonight

x  buy itunes fantasia “side effects of you”

k michelle’s “rebellious soul”,
will see stores/digital august 13th.

lowkey: where’s missy’s album?
i realllllllly need another missy record.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Fantasia and K Michelle Have A 2-some In The Foxhole”

  1. Yeah def give that Fantasia album another listen. “Fly like a bird” “Hunted” and few others are pretty good.. N I second that missy needs another album soon.

  2. We definitely need Missy to come back soon! I am so sick of Nicki Minaj being considered as the Best female rapper!! She is so overexposed and tired!!!! Paging Lil’ Kim!!!!!

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