BET Awards Meat Extravaganza

2013-bet-awards-logo-thelavalizardfor the first time ever,
it wasn’t a ratchet dis-organized mess.
i actually enjoyed the show.
the reggae was my highlight.
lets get this meaty bbq

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 7.17.50 PMi would have screamed.
this is what happens when you try to be popular and wear trends.
someone ends up looking like “you” at an event.
throw a glass of wine “by mistake” on their outfit ASAP.
so songzbird made an appearance:

tumblr_mp8l65UyY21rkl3zxo1_500 tumblr_mp8l65UyY21rkl3zxo2_500seriously tho can someone ask him why he cut his hair?
that last hairstyle he had actually fit him.
but could be look at paula any worst at the podium?

x see video here

someone id what drugs/likka she was on.
meat time!


photos: upscale / e online / bet / black america web

few things that bugged me:

  • what was jay ellis wearing? ( do not like. )
  • terrence j needs hair on his head/facial hair ( see old pictures. )
  • bow wow looked like a 12 year old robot ( burn glasses. )
  • lay off the drugs breezy wolf ( looking like el debarge. )
  • nick cannon “ima tear that up when i get home” ( lay off the corny )
  • kevin hart gets annoying after a while ( sit down )

other than that,
good times.
can i expect kendrick to be baby daddy #11?

tumblr_mp92ftp7Kl1qee466o1_250erykah got him holdin her hand.
walkin’ into the sunset.
i wanted to yell, “RUN KENNY!”.
the ass and light eyes gon’ get him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “BET Awards Meat Extravaganza”

  1. I was just about to say the only thing that impressed me was Meagan Good. Titties, face, & ass. Go ‘head, Meagan!

    1. ^YES!
      A lot of them looked like they weren’t trying at all or trying too hard.
      Like what in the world was French Montana thinking?
      Who’s on his team right now?
      Shoutout to Jamie Foxx for always holding Trayvon Martin down though.

  2. Definitely who was struggling the most, looking a hot ass mess was Trinidad James…smh…with the nerve to wear the shirt open…

  3. Meagan Good looked great.

    Kendrick and Erykah put on one hell of a show. It felt good seeing a rapper actually rap about shit that’s real and interesting, and actually wears his pants around his waist.

  4. Meagan Good looked sexy as hell.
    Erykah and Kendrick’s performance was dope and when did Erykah get an ass like that?! Bless her heart!
    The reggae segment had me jumping in my living room.
    Overall, the BET Awards was pretty good this year.

  5. DINT WATCH THE SHOW .. WE HAD GUESTS AT HOME and we had to dress for dinner… anywho geesh Bow wow is SHORRRRTT…..Jcole I wished would have done better (in general with his music etc)…. Boris turned me off after i saw his nasty attitude on RHOA… that que still trying to be pretty…hmph……I used to have a man crush on TI though but his ass always never learnt and kept ending up in jail.. I mean there (was) something oh so sexy about his twang and I’m a man about my business + sophistication (the only (thug) rapper to end up on GQ, and Vogue) …kevin hart gets annoying after a while ( sit down ) — agreed. — who is the church boy with meagan good?

  6. Yet again…Paula and Robin prove once again that they’re both on that ish. whatever it is they’re on it.

  7. I guess those Versace shirts were buy two get one free.They will make the “Who wore it better list” or Fashion Police’s ” Bitch Stole My Look”LOL

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