So Prodigy’s Favorite Position in Jail is “Mobb Deep”?

Well, MTO did come through for this story.
Prodigy and Havoc are having a lovers spat…
all over Twitter.
Prodigy has been cheating on Havoc with Big Bubba in Cell Block D.
Havoc is MAD!
I wonder who will get the silverware?…

April 09, 2012: just learned that HAVOC from Mobb Deep is GOING IN on Twitter . . . and his account does NOT appear to have been hacked!!!

Mobb Deep has OFFICIALLY broken up, and it’s UGLY. How ugly . . . well Havoc (the one with the glasses above) is on Twitter GOING HARD at his former BEST FRIEND Prodigy (the one with the hat above).

Oh, and we say that his account does NOT APPEAR to be hacked . . . because our BIG HOMIE Sway (from MTV and Sirius Satellite Radio) reached out to Havoc via text message. And Havoc, or whoever it is who has his phone, replied to the text, saying that the Tweets were REAL!!

I guess this means no Mobb Deep album in the near future
But, of my memory fails me, didn’t Jay out Prodigy back in Summerjam as a ballerina?

Not that there is anything WRONG with being a ballerina…
Just it doesn’t help his case and the “pounded out in jail” defense.

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11 thoughts on “So Prodigy’s Favorite Position in Jail is “Mobb Deep”?”

  1. It doesn’t even matter anymore, it is what it is. Niggas get thier asses pounded everyday. LOL. People would be suprised if they knew all the niggas that like to mess around with other niggas.

  2. Sorry, but I assume all these dudes that have been in and out of prison all of their lives have messed with dudes before, regardless of what they say.

    I can barely go a day w/o busting a nut so I doubt these dudes are in close quarters twiddling their thumbs while they’re horny as hell for months to years. Nope, I don’t buy it.

    1. ^this. It’s either fvck or be fvcked – unless you align yourself with the right people & don’t have to fight daily. If he’s still doing it outside the pen, then…I still don’t care.

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