so i saw the trailer for the whitney biopic, “i wanna dance with somebody”, and well…

it’s going to be hard to do anything biopic about whitney houston.

1 – Who can truly embody and play Whitney?
2 – The stans are going to rip it apart piece by piece.

it’s going to be:

i saw the trailer for the new whitney movie,
i wanna dance with somebody“,

i haven’t even watched it and i kinda already hate it.
i’m sure naomi ackie is a lovely vixen,
but i’m not getting “whitney” from her so far.

i don’t know who i’m getting from all the casting tbh.
this didn’t hit me like the casting for the “new edition” movie on bet.


i felt they got ^that right.
i might be going hard on it but we shall see how this goes in december.

lowkey: at least they didn’t have aunt wendy cast whitney.
she might have been played by draya.
ya’ll remember who she cast for aaliyah…

5 thoughts on “so i saw the trailer for the whitney biopic, “i wanna dance with somebody”, and well…

  1. We all seen movies where the cast didn’t look like them, but the story was spot on. I will watch it to see the story but I’m not gon stop supporting our people because they don’t look like it. I saw The Harder They Fall on Netflix and none of them look like the people they were supposed to play. The movie was great! If anything I hope this is WAY better than Wendy Williams version.

  2. Don’t sleep. Rich Africans are buying into Hollywood. There are a lot of African coins! Blk Americans have laid the groundwork, but Africans have the coins. Smart move, tbh. Just remember, Isa and Molly were both African, playing black American girls from South Central. While we’re all black…pay attention. Rich Africans got THE BEYONCE to feature them left n right on her projects. STOP sleeping. Black Brits get almost EVERY black role in Hollywood. Stop sleeping. We’re all black, but let’s not sleep on the fact that Africans are buying Hollywood.

  3. The real tea, at least for me is
    “I don’t want to watch anything Pat Garland and her husband are partnered in or involved with”.
    Whitney has been sold out and talked about in life and after. By Bobby and even Robyn finally folded. I mean she couldn’t even rest without a casket picture splashed all over the place. Cissy is 89 and pretty much disengaged from it. Whitney is impossible to cast and they should let it be. I certainly will not be watching. Somebody should ask Leolah Brown about!🤭🤭🤭

  4. I’m not mad at it… yet. The hair/wardrobe was on point to me 🤷‍♂️ and luckily they appear to be using Whitney’s voice so that’s important! I say give it a chance… Angela Bassett didn’t look like Tina Turner nor was she a performer like he, but she still killed the role! Who says this won’t be the case with this? But they MUST have it right!

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