which emoji do you send when you want some sex? (don’t send the obvious!)

i am not a picky fox when it comes to texting a wolf that i’m into.
i only have a few “leave unread until further notice” tho:

1. Dry-ass texting gets you ghosted.
2. I don’t need good morning or good night texts. Just text.
3. I shouldn’t hear from you in days.
4. Sending me nudes without warning gets you ghosted for life. Period.

i’m pretty much down for anything else.
a foxholer sent me a study from the us emoji trend report,
something i didn’t know was a “thing”,
about the one emoji that will make you less likable

the eggplant emoji

ya know…
that emoji doesn’t bother me in flirting tbh.
when i want some,
i’m gonna send him an eggplant emoji with this next to it:

that means i want it in my mouth or…
you get the drift.
you know which emoji was the most likable?

that is my personal fav to use.
i send that when i’m flirting or being sarcastic.
it just works in all areas for me.
these are the emojis from likable to least likable:

which i feel is a “duh” moment tbh.

Some folks don’t know how to read the room.

this goes to those who send nudes without a green light.

article cc: dailymail

1 thought on “which emoji do you send when you want some sex? (don’t send the obvious!)

  1. Lmfao, Jamari… I’m dead. So if they send you a nude, you ghost them but you can send them an eggplant. Is this what we have come to?

    When it comes to texting somebody you know for sex, you already know what you want and we ALL should be grown enough to know what the other person mean. Whether its your sneaky link, boyfriend, husband or somebody you found on an app. You know what you want and you know how to find and get it. It shouldn’t matter how you communicate to get it, especially thru text. You either getting a “hey big head, wyd” or a “hey stink, wyd”. You get on Jack’d or Grindr and the first thing most of them send is, “unlock” and then the next is “wyo”. You do all of that and when they get to you, it’s “so wassup”.

    If you want some from somebody you know, its either they respond they coming or they not. I’m too damn grown to act like telling somebody I want to dick them down by censoring what I want to say and what I want. If I have to censor “can I see you tonight” and you don’t know what that means… I’m not forcing myself to further a relationship with you after that. Sending an unknown dick pic is for 18-26. It also depends on the maturity and mutual respect you have with each other to know what you want.

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