So Didn’t Joseline Beat The SHAT Out of Stevie J!!!!!???

bitch went down.
BAM – jose. super bitch.
very cool.

i mean,
i knew she had to have some stripper scrap,
but it’s safe to say she laid them paws on him.
take note scrappy doo….

those who missed the episode?
no fear.


oh, and i was wrong…
joseline did show up for songbirdz video shoot:

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “So Didn’t Joseline Beat The SHAT Out of Stevie J!!!!!???”

  1. Damn! Those dudes could barely hold her back. I’m pretty sure she has more testosterone than me.

    You know we in our last days when the sideline hoes are beating up dudes for cheating with their real girlfriends/wives.

  2. Lol Mimi was my nigga during this she was like I dont even have to move I aint gotta worry bout her hitting me. I love Mimi now

  3. The side-chick is beating up her “man” for being with wifey? Wheretheydothatat? I mean, he definitely deserves it – Mimi needs to have some self-respect & leave that n*gger…

  4. I also want to know why every time Steve j leaves them he is always roaming around. Where is his car at?

      1. LOL Ha! I did see him driving one time on the third episode when he drove up as Mimi was about to get in her SUV.

  5. What ya’ll fail to realize is that Joseline didn’t know that Stevie and MiMi was together as a couple. He runs Joseline and tell’s her all type of stuff to keep her in his good graces. Now that she heard that, She took Jesus of that cross and nailed his ass up their. Now MiMi going to leave him to, so, he by his lonesome self.

    1. Yea, he basiclally plays the both of them and they fall for it. Joseline really gets treated bad in this deal because Stevie has her by the throat because of her career. When Stevie is mad with her he treats her any kind of way and he doesn’t talk to Mimi like that.

  6. I kind of like her now. I just wish that dude would be truthful to her. Either stay or let her go to find her own love.

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