saweetie teaches these vixens how to rap and be pretty

some people are just meant to simply be pretty.
they want to be talented but they just can’t be.
ya know what?

That’s okay!

be pretty,
do the socialite thing,
marry rich,
and get money.
saweetie is one of those types to me.
i think she is a gorgeous vixen but this rapping thing…
they are killin’ her HEAVY for this verse she did on a “hit it” from the black eyed peas

her flow on this track <

so i present to you the lyrics:

[Verse 2: Saweetie &]
When I call him, he coming
My panties off when he cummin’
I arch it up while he runnin’
He leave it in and I cum again
All under your D
My other nigga I’m dubbin’
I tell him I’m with my cousin
He tell me he with my cousin
Oh shit, what do I do?
Boy, you gotta bounce
Said, go and get your shoes
I think he on the way
I need a shower, clean my room
Promise I’ll let you know till you can (Love you ’til you satisfied)
It get hard to juggle ’em
Saweetie been swerving these clowns
You be loving ’em, uh
So much saliva, gotta gooch full of suds
I’ma put a bubble bath in your elephant trunk

“oh shit what do i do?”
“ima put a bubble bath in your elephant trunk”

what the entire fuck…

it didn’t help that the song is kinda trash too.

i always know when saweetie doesn’t write her own shit tho.
her verse for “my type” was clearly written:


it’s okay to be a studio artist.
she doesn’t need to battle rap any of the new vixens.
she just needs to be pretty and let that take her places.
leave the heavy lifting to megan the stallion and nicki minaj.

lowkey: what happened to fergie?
i’m way behind with the black eyed peas.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “saweetie teaches these vixens how to rap and be pretty”

      1. Actually they had a lot of problems because she came into a already formed group and they did not see her as an equal. Garanted, she significantly helped the brand. Should look at up at was a ton of drama. They are probably better off separate. She would have been fine if she would not have taken that long break after her first album.

  1. She reminds me of a flawless drag queen I once knew, who was awful on stage but otherwise stunning to look at. I would say “Bitch just sit at the bar and be pretty.”

  2. Saweetie bad af and outside of her “rapping”, I do admire her grind. Sis stay getting new deals! The only thing that irks me is the whole ghetto girl act. She did not grow up in hood or Bay Area 🙄

  3. I guess shes pretty (that blonde wig doesn nothing for her), but her rapping voice is so annoying. It’s sounds like a Steve urkle impression. I am not here for it. I think she needs to TAP OUT of the rap game.

  4. The verse was terrible but she does look pretty so I guess. I honestly haven’t been really feeling her music outside of my type and icy. I will say this she makes sure to stay consistent and out there.

  5. An Instagram thot rapper. I never knew she did My Type, I thought it was the city girls smh. Outside of Megan and the occasional Nicki, I’m mostly over these new rap chicks, bars be straight ass and music too pop. Hip Hop itself feels like it’s on its death bed tbh.

  6. Social media has convinced every half cute girl to be a rapper, because it requires 0 talent these days. Ask 1 who their favorite rapper/verse is, and wait for the crickets…

  7. She really is the Cassie of female rap. I remember when she performed “my type” on the BET HipHop Awards, it was abysmal, like a high school talent show performance. She literally has not grown an inch since then as an artist. Because she’s light-skinned, pretty, and wears gawdy fashion, she’ll have a lengthy career. She’ll eventually let some rapper or ball player impregnate her, then maybe she’ll spare our ears from her trash ass music.

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