it’s time for me to get another deep seeding where i’ll be sore and tired

so that time between that first deep seeding went by quickly.
i can’t believe 2 weeks have passed already but i am here.

I get my second jab tomorrow.

and i’ll be 110 with you foxhole…

I’m a little nervous.

i heard the side effects can be a bitch with the second dose.
what’s weird is my home vixen got hers on monday and was only tired.
karaoke had chills and i think she said a headache too.
my home wolf was completely fucked up and was out for 2 days.

It affects everyone differently it seems.

i gotta buy more water and i got the tylenol on deck if things get wild.
i know one thing,
next to that sore arm:

That sleep I got from the first jab was every-fuckin-thing.

i’m looking forward to getting that again.

for those who are fully jabbed:

How long did it take for your symptoms to start?

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “it’s time for me to get another deep seeding where i’ll be sore and tired”

  1. My second shot was only a slight pain in the arm and it didn’t last as the 1st and got a slight headache, that’s it.

  2. Hello Mr 🦊
    I go on Monday. The first one for me was just a sore arm for the day and the next. As you read from another post, I received Pfizer also.
    I gave up cocktailing a week prior and a few days after. Steel yourself mentally and pray going in. You have authority over it, and don’t read or listen to too much regarding the side effects of others. That helped me a lot.

    1. So true, medicine works with everybody different. You can’t let somebody side effects stop you. They didn’t tell the doctor they added other medications to it.

  3. The first I didn’t feel anything except it forced symptoms of a common cold. If I was sick, it forced it out within 24 hours. Haven’t had a cold sniffle or anything common cold like since I got the first shot and I got mine in April

  4. The second shot after hearing everybody say your arm will be sore, I chose my non dominant arm, my left arm just in case. If I let them do my dominant right arm, I wouldn’t been able to drive anywhere, let alone shower. Not trying to be nasty but to be real, I didn’t want to be in a position where I couldn’t beat my dick either. I can go for no sex but not being able to beat my shit, that’s a problem. It relieves most of my stress and calms me down. If I couldn’t do that then I would’ve had a hard time dealing with it. Since taking the shot, I haven’t had any issues.

  5. Me and my friend had Moderna shot and we all of a sudden had nerve damage that sent shock waves to the gum area right after the shot

    1. Are you a troll? I don’t believe you. Perhaps you and your friend needed dental work prior to the vaccine. Ijs. Something catty and bitchy and negative screams out from reading what you typed.

  6. For me with the second shot, I didn’t feel anything that first day (got it in the evening around 7) the second day, around the afternoon, is when I started to feel a lil tired & achy and that lasted into the 3rd day, which is when I felt like I had a full out cold, body aches, headache & fatigue, nothing I couldn’t manage just felt “sick” but by the 4th day I was good

  7. I got the Moderna shot. My symptoms started within hours, 1st and 2nd shot. I only had soreness in my arm, 24 hr chills and body ache after the 1st shot. Same symptoms with the 2nd shot, but the symptoms lasted 48hrs.

  8. So glad you got vaxxed, Jamari. I got the J&J one shot a few months back. Sore arm, fatigue, slight fever, then all good. Waiting to hear about boosters about now with the Delta variant rolling around out there.

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