the mushrooms made him do it (the mushrooms made him kill, kill, kill…)

some of my friends have been trying coke as of late.
it has been confusing tf to me tbh,
but everyone does some experimental shit once or twice in their lives.
i’ve tried weed and was given horse tranqs when i was younger.
some folks have mental illnesses,
but once they take some hard shit,
it can bring the demons out of them.

Imagine getting high off a drug and murdering someone?

 that is what hyena did while high off mushrooms in florida

A 22-year-old man who told police he was “high on mushrooms which made him feel empowered,” shot and killed a tourist eating dinner with his family at a South Beach restaurant on Tuesday in Miami Beach, according to an arrest report, the Associated Press said.

Tamarius Blair David Jr. of Norcross, Georgia, fatally shot Dustin Wakefield, 21, as Wakefield shielded his 1-year-old son from the bullets. David is being held without bond and is charged with second-degree murder with a weapon and attempted murder.

David’s arrest report said that he told police he walked into La Cerveceria restaurant around 6:30 p.m. and “randomly chose” to shoot Wakefield, a tourist from Castle Rock, Colorado.

Minutes earlier, David allegedly attacked another man on the street, shooting at and missing him on 14th Street. He is charged with attempted murder for that attack.

The Miami Herald reported that the victim’s uncle, Mike Wakefield, said Dustin Wakefield died trying to protect his toddler.

“This guy came in with a gun waving it, saying it’s time to die. He pointed the gun at his son and Dustin said, ‘He’s only a boy,'” said Mike Wakefield, who was not in South Beach but heard the account from his family. “Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground.”

more news footage:

i am absolutely horrified after reading this.
he literally just walked up to a stranger and shot him.
not only that but he danced over his victim’s dead body.
i can only imagine the pain his family is in after witnessing that.
the thought of it has me sick to my stomach.

it’s terrifying how we are downplaying the severity of mental illness in these forests.
drug use can certainly elevate things deep inside us.
when we take certain drugs,
we don’t know what effect they will have on us.
we can blackout and wake up with legit blood on our hands.
i’ve heard stories of funny shit happening to folks high off certain drugs…

…but i’ve also seen folks get violent and trying to fight people around them.
i’ve seen it happen when folks are shit-faced drunk too.

i pray for dustin’s family and i’m so glad that creature didn’t kill that child.
i hope he has no rest and his days in jail leave him without peace.
rip to dustin wakefield.

article cc: newsweek

12 thoughts on “the mushrooms made him do it (the mushrooms made him kill, kill, kill…)

  1. I don’t know what it is but it seems like 2020 mental illness is the blame for everything. You don’t have to have a mental illness to take a drug. You can be sane as the next person and decide ok let me try it and that drug makes you do something like this. To me, that’s an insult to people who live with mental illness on a everyday basis. They don’t get the chance to say ok I don’t feel mentally challenged today. It doesn’t come and goes, to some. Drugs are completely different and they make different people react different. Weed makes some caucasian people crazy, they hear voices, they don’t know how to control themselves. Weed makes black people relaxed, chill, and some horny. Drugs have a different reaction to everybody. Some feel weed is not strong enough and that’s for any race. That doesn’t mean they have mental issues.

    This man, was on a killing spree, he tried to kill somebody earlier and missed. He kept going until he did. That wasn’t mental, that’s a chemical reaction to the drug he was taking. He started dancing! Remember Snoop took a mushroom on Soul Plane and started dancing, he was high! That’s a reaction to the drug. Even tho that was make believe, I don’t feel right letting this man taking advantage of something he doesn’t have to get away with taking that man life like that. What’s even crazier, you can call people in jail killers and everything else but there are 3 things they will not let you get away with even behind bars: Hurting the elderly, intentionally trying to hurt a baby, or doing something to somebody parent mainly their mama. That will get you raped and or killed in jail. He turned a gun on a toddler and didn’t care, you better believe his ass is gonna pay for that in jail.

    I love how we are paying more attention to mental health now but we need to stop giving it everybody. Not everybody has a mental health issue. Some people are sane and they just snapped. Some are possessed. They have a demon so strong that it took over their body and is controlling them. You may call that crazy but when people start speaking in double tongues, you go ahead and try to see how mental they are and see if they don’t make you question your faith or own mental state. I know some people don’t believe in it but it is what it is. We question what we don’t understand. Hearing what this man did has no signs of “mental” but more of something triggered from them drugs. Who’s to say that mushroom wasn’t laced with something else. That would explain a chemical reaction to him dancing over a body he just took the life from.

  2. this has nothing to do with magic mushrooms, i cant wait for a toxicology report, for sure if he was under the influence of psilocybin id bet an inch of dick it was part of a cocktail of assorted narcotics, but shrooms DO NOT make you do anything, its all on YOU, i dont see how warping walls, heightened senses, increased colors, and a euphoric giddy almost adrenal feeling throughout your body, this dude was simply an evil peice of shit who is using the drugs as an excuse, onset is about 20-30mins, duration is around 8 hours, i would bed anything this human garbage was walking around with a loaded handgun itching to use it long before he ingested any narcotics, enough of us have done enough drugs by now that collectively as a society that it should be common knowledge by now that a substance like psilocybin is NOT some kinda cartoonish magic potion and human experiences are consistent enough to where a connection is fucking impossible to a crime like this beyond being ingested with the purpose of being used as some kinda shitty illplanned excuse and we as a society absolutely we need to put our foot down and start drawing defined lines between truly harmless substances like cannabis and psilocybin over truly life ruining physically and mentally degrading poisons like prescription pharmaceuticals, opium/opioids and even alcohol which if you ask me is not only TRULY the gateway drug, but the most destructive and overall harm then the rest combined

  3. It’s the fact that between this and the rona outside continues to feel like it’s not necessary at all.

  4. Man, heavy drugs and easy access to guns are a lethal combination. It’s so tragic. He was so very young and had a lot of life left to live.

  5. Idk if I fully believe his story he may have been on drugs but I doubt it was his first time. He obviously was planning on something because why does he have a gun in the first place

  6. That family looks so precious together. I pray that in time they will find reasons to smile, laugh and feel peace again. Dustin is a real hero.

  7. The only new things I try are food and even then I need to know what I’m eating. Horrifying.

  8. This area makes you forget about all your troubles even though Versace Mansion is 3 blocks away. I was told toxicology report takes days or weeks.

  9. This could have been allot worst like a on slaughter massacre, and this is why my ass won’t be opening pandora’s box. GHB, Meth won’t be in my system to act fool. Some ppl can’t control themselves while under certain drugs and i’ve seen ppl walk naked matching on the street against traffic. Alongside of this, the mentally ill is taking affect while some fool been slashing tires and throwing bricks at cars on the beach. This type murder was so unexpected on OceanDrive where you think you are safe and a new video show him target practicing in front of a guy feets away. I hope they did a toxicology on this man and could you believe this man ask for a bond??? That judge through the book at his ass and denied him.

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