ryan phillippe gets some alleged pipe leakage?

*the following entry is rated ma.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

the first time i saw ryan phillippe,
it was in “i know what you did last summer“.
i thought he was theeeee finest white wolf i had ever seen.
after that,
he was in one of my favorite movies,
cruel intentions.
he has the ripest bottom lip and tail on a white wolf.
last week,
i was randomly looking at interviews with him on youtube.
this week,
i’m looking at his alleged nudes that leaked…



allegedly the tatts seem to be the same:


if that’s him…

Ryan Phill-usupwiththatdick?

i need that in my ______ now.

he has the ripest bottom lip,

and alleged penis on a white wolf.
if this is him,
he might have the biggest pipe leaked i’ve seen from white hollywood.
he is aging really well too:


he has been a heartthrob since the 90s.
the fantasy of straights and white gays alike.
i’m sure it isn’t hard for him to get sex especially at 47.
after these alleged leaks tho:

i’ll allow it.

lowkey: i’m not even kidding.
the white gays have crowned ryan the best bunz in the business…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “ryan phillippe gets some alleged pipe leakage?”

  1. Oh my gosh, he was so hot (and still is). His face is perfection and him in cruel intentions was so good. He gave eye smolder like a pro. Can you tell he was one of my first crushes? In the 90s him, shemar Moore, Tyson Beckford, and Goldberg lived in my head rent free.
    I am sure some commenters will join in soon saying he is basic, but I am not here for that lol.

  2. He used to be my everything lol. Good to see he still fine! Honestly more so now he has aged very well. And he got nice “boyfriend” dick.

  3. Whew!!!

    Every ………”INCH “….. of this man hot. From….. “HEAD” ……to toe!

    [ Ha ,ha ,ha I could not resist ].

  4. I’m definitely enjoying this celeb leak edition especially that ” Buffys” David Boreanaz put on a cam show and milked that cow out for somebody and I wonder who?

  5. Can you imagine getting plowed w/that thick cock J? I’d love to ride on it. I’d do pretty much whatever he wanted w/in reason of course. Thanks for the links J!

  6. The dick ain’t even that big. It’s just the angle. Btw, I don’t like cut dick and I think white cut dick looks the worst. Ugh.

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