Rob Evans Can Really Put The Beat Down On You… Literally.

i don’t think a face this pretty could do jail time.
do you know what they do to you in jail when you look like that?
i’m sure he can fight them off tho.
this is why he is in trouble in the first place.

rob evans is wanted.
so anyone of you who have him hiding in your butt cheeks,
or his,
please hand him over to the police

America’s Next Top Model judge Rob Evans might seem like a fun guy on television, but according to TMZ, the hunky judge is, actually, officially a fugitive.

Last March, Evans, a former boxer, allegedly assaulted a man so badly in Beverly Hills that the victim had to be hospitalized for serious injuries. Evans had been cooperating with police until recently, when he “suddenly went silent—and stopped speaking to them,” TMZ reports.

The Beverly Hills Police Department has issued a warrant for his arrest—and, because of his MIA status, has “dispatched a special fugitive team to track Evans down.”

Hm. Makes us think. This is all pretty ironic considering last week’s ANTM was all about jail.We wonder how Tyra Banks is coping with her co-judge’s legal troubles—maybe she’ll hop over to the station once he’s found and smize with him in his mugshot?


i just found out he is beatin’s tyra coochie up too.
supposedly that’s how he got that antm gig

she better get that bail money ready.

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10 thoughts on “Rob Evans Can Really Put The Beat Down On You… Literally.”

  1. I don’t get the obsession with him. He’s not attractive to me at all. Well, maybe from the neck down but even still that’s nothing to email your grandma about.

  2. Beverly Hills, really lmao, what a joke. Why the hell would you not charge a person who assaulted someone that bad in the first place. This story reeks of bullshit, but you never know, he had to put them paws on somebody lol. BTW, this dude is almost perfect physically so he is probably bat shit crazy.

  3. There’s no telling what really happened. The man probably provoked him and got that ass whoopin. I hope my bby doesn’t get locked up..if he does, all he has to do is act like the biggest sissy in the world and they’ll leave him alone lmao.

    1. He was a boxer, so he CAN fight; I think he’ll be able to hold his own…especially since he’ll likely be in some minimum security prison anyway…

  4. he beat someone up? nnnnnaaaaaa ill pass on that. ill be damned if he get mad at me and try his hand and i come out not remembering who i am, what planet im on, and why im in the hospital looking like my pale ass need a body size ice pack…….next

  5. Well I know he is a former boxer and most boxer have a temper that matches their fist. I really hope this dude work this out because BHPD don’t play!

    I heard he was fucking Tyra but a certain FBI tells me that is just a cover up.

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