In Random WTF News: Kenya Moore Is Allegedly Married

this has got to be the biggest “gotcha gotcha” in 2017.
kenya moore is allegedly married.
we all have questions.
this is what tamara tattles had to font about it…

Kenya Moore is married. I’ve noticed that Kenya has been on a lovely island posting romantic photos with her man for over a week. I have known about the man Kenya has been dating for around 8 months, and that it was becoming increasingly serious. I have known that she wanted to keep things very private and that she would not be sharing the relationship on the show.  I know that he is age appropriate with adult children and that all of the drama playing out on TV was disturbing to her man and the family.

So when she started posting photos from St. Lucia where it was evident that she was there with her man I assumed that she was just there doing what she usually does, going off on a Caribbean vacation before the laborious filming of RHOA starts.

As it turns out it was much more than that. Tamara Tattles can exclusively report that Kenya Moore has married her boyfriend in Saint Lucia!!!

I am often amazed that I have spies everywhere, but a Tamara Tattles Spy  has sent photographs which appear to show Kenya getting married. Full disclosure, I have stayed at Anse Chastanet  and it appears that is the location of the wedding.  I recognize those rocks at the end of the beach. However, the foliage in the photos don’t really make sense for the guests who claimed to be staying on Jade Mountain which is the private, more expensive part at the top of the resort. It is a view from the garden rooms of Anse Chastanet.

I know for a fact that the couple has been at Sugar Beach the new hot spot at the foot of the Pitons for the last several days.  The thing that pushed this story over the edge for me is that Kenya’s best friend Brandon Deshazer was there.  No one gets married without their GBF.

I am so very happy for Kenya. She has been so beaten down about her dating life. I have to leave something for Kenya to sell or she will kill me. LOL  So you will have to find out the groom’s name from wherever she sells the story to.

But OOPS I SCOOPED IT AGAIN… But let’s watch TMZ not give me credit AGAIN. And if Reddit posts this again without a link I will sue them.


well this is shocking.
she was doing a lot of posting via ( x her instagram ).
i guess she was tired of ya’ll talking about how she can’t get a wolf.

why do they look like they’re directing an orchestra in this gif?
guess she ended up telling ya’ll,

like this are usually great.
it shows you can keep your business to yourself.
you never know who is messing with who,
but acting like they’re single.
it can be done and it’s better when you keep your shit on the low.

i’m happy for her tho.
she got vindicated by that lying she hyena and a ring of her finger.
i’d say it’s starting off to be a good season for kenya moore.

lowkey: i hope this is real.
for her sake.
she will get dragged in a new yawk minute.

article cc: tamara tattles

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “In Random WTF News: Kenya Moore Is Allegedly Married”

  1. I’m super excited for Kenya. Your exactly right she was finally vindicated she said from day one Phaedra was behind Walter claiming he was paid to be with her and Apollo claiming she propositioned him. Now look at Phaedra divorced and practically job less. Kenya never deserved the flack she got from the others. She was always straight up about her bullshit unlike so many of the others.

  2. Kenya is a pathological liar.She lied about Walter being her boyfriend.She lied about owning her home until her landlord had her evicted.She lied about being the highest paid on RHOA until Andy Cohen said she wasn’t.She lied about Lupita dissing her.She lied when she said when she worked with Kim Fields everyone said Kim’s husband was gay when in fact Kim hadn’t met her husband yet when she work with Kenya.I also have an issue with her ambushing her mother by taking the RHOA cameras to her house.I wish I hadn’t deleted the bookmark of a site that kept track of her lies.They had dozens and dozens of her lies.Oh well
    If she is married, good for her ,hopefully her husband knows she is mentally unstable.😂

    1. ^the way i see it,
      her alleged lies are around the same as the others.
      all of them lie and tell stories.
      phaedra is worst because she accused her ex friend of damn near rape.
      she also lied about the flirting and all this other nonsense.

  3. LMAO @ the orchestra comment Jamari! That was good LOL!

    Uhm, I don’t follow these housewives shows but i’ve seen a few episodes. If she’s truly married to a decent man, she should probably leave the show and get another hustle, unless he’s down for the shenanigans lol. Hope it works out.

  4. She confirmed to People Magazine that she is married,she met him a year ago and started dating him a few months later.I thought she was dating Matt…NVM

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