SZA Wants To Take “CTRL” Of My Summer ’17 Music Playlist

so i listened to sza‘s new album,
while i was cleaning my room yesterday.
i never heard of her until my favorite song on rihanna‘s “anti”,

i honestly thought she was really a “he” and a member of wu tang.
so i was going in with new ears.

it was pretty laid back.
i liked the summery/airy flow of the album.
the content is what really got me.
she is very raunchy about her side chick behavior.
she got this song called “the weekend”:

where she is basically saying she got some vixen’s wolf on the weekend.
that is when she is turning his ass completely out.
she gives him back from monday – thursday tho.

Is that not the hoe-iest thing you ever heard???

i like the song “doves in the wind” with kendrick a lot.
it’s basically about the things we do for sex:

i will say that i have to listen to it again.
those two songs stood out.
my ears tend to perk up when it comes to the sexually explicit.
my favorite is this one tho:

in my opinion,
from what i gather with the lyrics,
the album comes across as a vixen who got hurt by her ex.
she discusses her feelings and insecurities,
but has chosen to become a savage in the hoeing.
that is her story.
you either like it or don’t.

here are some snippets from spotify:

 lowkey: did she get her freckles removed?

20 thoughts on “SZA Wants To Take “CTRL” Of My Summer ’17 Music Playlist

  1. I believe someone had called her out about drWing on her “freckles” in the earlies

  2. Ok, I gotta go back (reluctantly) and give this another listen. The first time, I was not impressed with what I heard.

  3. You know what the first time I heard about this chick was reading the tweet she made about black gay men a few years ago:

    “The increasing influx of gay black man is making me seriously consider not having a baby unless I can genetically engineer a girl”

    I might be petty but I have no interest in hearing her music.But if you enjoy her music that’s fine.I would have a similar feeling about someone who made anti black comments.#firstimpressions

    I understand people evolve but I have heard similar comments
    about people saying they would never want a gay son or they would rather have a dead son than a gay son and those comments really bother me.I try to distance myself from people with those attitudes including my family members.

    1. Thanks for the tea YC! Didn’t know who she was, and now I plan to keep it that way. I’m pretty much over ignorance in general at this point. I won’t support NONE of it! Before I read this comment, I checked out her songs in the post. She’s not my thing anyway.

      1. Good for her.
        Mel Gibson,Paula Deen,etc apologized for making racist comments I still haven’t watched any of their movies or TV shows since and I used to be fans of theirs.This girl I have never heard of until I read her tweet so like I said bad first impression.
        Enjoy her music,I am not interested.

      2. I just find it hilarious that these gays up in arms about her comments would definitely be more forgiving if it was an attractive straight man who made those comments and later apologized.

      3. @JAY If you’re reffering to me specifically, save your comments, I’m not one of those people, and I’m not going to tolerate you accusing me of being something or someone that I’m not. I’ve been consistent on my stance about ignorant people whether I’m attracted to them or not, and whether they “apologize” or not. Sure, maybe other gays are biased, but I don’t hold that same double-standard.

        I’m not trying to demonize her. She apologized. Great, give her a cookie. I’m still not interested in her music based specifically off of her music. If I liked her music from the get go I might actually look past it, but that wasn’t even the case. Her music didn’t catch me from the get go, the tweet was just the icing on top. What other gays do is none of my concern.

  4. I’ve really been digging this album, I have always liked Sza’s song writing and airy vocals but could only get into one or two songs off her first do a few years ago. This one I see growth and I love what I’m hearing. Something about it is easy to put on and vibe to.

    My faves are:

    Love galore ( actually like Travis on this )

    Doves in the wind ( her and Kendrick are great on songs they do together so this was a no brainer)

    The weekend ( absolute fave track it’s giving me late 90s r&b feels hard. After a few listens what I got is yeah she’s the side chick but instead of just waiting around and letting the guy make the decision of when she’s working out a deal with the main chick where they both benefit from this. This needs to be a single I could see it becoming a good summer hit)

    Go Gina ( saw this and automatically thought about Martin , great song when I’m feeling myself)

    Broken clocks ( the beat and lyrics are addictive )

    20 something ( this something perfectly describes the times of my 20s

  5. I can’t say I’m hook, but she’s done enough to warrant a few more spins to change my mind. I find the Trap-Neo soul she’s doing to be very interesting. Kind of a evolution of the Bryson Tillers and Torey Lanez of the world.

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