The Facebook Foxhole Might Be Over

 the facebook foxhole has me on block…

i have no idea why,
every time i ( x try to post something on there ),
it won’t let me.
the set up has changed from how i usually see it.
it won’t let me see post or my messages.

so yeah…
i think that’s done.
i’ll continue to keep it up and see what happens,
but they won’t let the foxhole be great over there.
we had a good run if that’s the case tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Facebook Foxhole Might Be Over”

  1. its the same saga that happen on Instagram; Inaddition, word is that Instagram may stop half naked post that will end our morning coffee. Also they will censor your pic with a blur.

  2. Hmpf…well, fuck FB then *ducks/hides from Illuminati police*…

    Now if Tumblr start actin up, I’s bout to riot!

  3. I stopped dealing with Facebook quite some time ago. It’s been some time since I last went on the site, and when I do I just answer the message(s) I received in my Yahoo account.

    I might just close the page down altogether. Facebook is annoying as fuck. Instagram is starting to get the same to me.

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