Adrian Conrad Shouldn’t Speak

i love how mysterious adrian conrad is.
from his time i peeped him on ig,
he doesn’t make videos.
i don’t think i’ve heard him speak.
he just shows how his improves his bawdy

i hope he stays the way he is.
in a world of attentionistos,
it’s refreshing to see someone so lowkey.
as soon as adrian opens his mouth,
it might remove all doubt like the rest.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Adrian Conrad Shouldn’t Speak”

  1. Nothing like a pretty face with a ripped body lol

    P.S. I agree it would be a shame if he was a Amber rose, everyone thought she was something else before we heard her speak for the first time

  2. He’s gorgeous! 😍 I like for them to speak though. It helps me to quickly sort out the diamonds from the cubic zirconia 💎

  3. Sometime its best too be seen than heard. but in this case I rather look at him than hear him talk.

  4. I’ve heard him speak. He’s actually very intelligent and a nice guy. He lives in Los Angeles and works out at the Crunch on Sunset. He is a wet dream in person.

  5. I agree with you Jamari, his mystery it what makes him alluring. I remember when I 1st came across his IG, he was at 1,500 followers, now he is at 100k and now on almost every tumblr or sexyguy IG page. I can only imagine what his dm’s must be like. I think he might be a good interview with the foxhole man.

    This post he did, might give a bit of insight to what he is like.

  6. I might be in the minority, but I’m not feeling the face. The body is on point…but I’m not feeling the top half! LOL

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