“This Too Shall Pass” Starring Liar Liar

i wouldn’t wish any harm on my worst enemies.
when you hurt me,
i’m pretty much done with you.
if a wolf hurt me,
and i knew he was dl,
i wouldn’t out him.
i know he is gonna fuck up and ruin himself down the line.
i just give it to God and let him handle it.
well i got an update today on my old co worker,
liar liar

thing 2 hit me up to see how i was doing.
she told me the job has still gone to shit.
nothing right has happened since.
many of my old coworkers have left.
even to this day,
the clients are still asking for me.
that made me smile the most.
she also mentioned to me a random update about liar liar,
she caused me a lot of hell while i was working there,
but she became cool before she left.
we were “workplace cool”.
not cool enough to continue outside of work.

well come to find out,
she had a brain hemorrhage in 2016.
it had to require her to get 2 surgeries with a long recovery process.
she is doing well now,
but her 2016 was an absolute shit show.

i didn’t laugh or gloat.
i was actually really shocked.
she was talking all these big plans before she left.
when if first got there,
it was a constant battle with her.
once that boss left,
she was so nice after.
i like to give those the benefit of the doubt.
i think that the changes with the boss humbled her,
but i often wonder if she would have been that way

…If they didn’t?

i hope her 2017 is much better.

8 thoughts on ““This Too Shall Pass” Starring Liar Liar

  1. to be honest I don’t know how I would handle a situation such as this.
    I was kind of happy that my ex that did me shitty got his heart broken in the same way that he broke mine, however I would never wish anybody that sort of hurt.

  2. Jamari you are a good person, and I know it takes allot to forgive someone like that especially those that trust pass against you hmm.. I myself would have been the opposite, but hey if her character changes and you guys are amicable I guess you can forgive.

      1. J, she was nice because she needed you. That’s how those office snakes are.
        What goes around comes around. Treat people badly, and karma comes back. I hope she has a healthy recovery, but maybe this will be a teaching lesson about the way you treat people.

        1. ^i remember when she would lie on me and be a complete bitch.
          as soon as that boss left,
          she was a whole different breed of vixen.
          she was one of the reasons ww and i friendship crumbled too.
          2015 was a whole mess at that job.

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