Tameka “Tiny” Harris Gets A Glo Up!

when you leave a bad job,
a triflin ass wolf,
or a toxic situation in general,
it’s almost like a ton of stress is taken off your shoulders.
it’s like your weight comes back,
your skin clears up,
and you get that “got rid of a fuck boi/job/life” glow.
tameka “tiny” harris is the perfect example of that.
look at tiny in this recent video the shade room posted

she looks GREAT!
take that t.i.!

she has been through a lot.
some is her own doing,
but she played with pigs and doesn’t want to be dirty anymore.
i’m rooting for her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Tameka “Tiny” Harris Gets A Glo Up!”

  1. Sidebar: what I LOVE about MJB is that she always keeps up with the time and her music always sounds relevant and up to date. Throw it in ya face like yeaaaaaaa

  2. Me and my home girl was just talking about how this is the best she’s looked in her life.
    Talk bout a glo up

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