Peter Rosenberg Slams Chris Brown…. And Not In The Homo Way.

peter rosenberg is so disrespectful… and i love him for it.
one thing about rosenberg is he calls it like he sees it.
nicki minaj learned her lesson.
this time, he saw right though chris brown on hot97 “the realness” and proceeded to let him have it…
…. *inserts a no homo*.


now if rosenberg could only address that:

weight loss,
semi-redundant music,
temper tantrums,
lack of focus,
acting like a huge brat,
and a potential fading career

chris may just be in a better place.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Peter Rosenberg Slams Chris Brown…. And Not In The Homo Way.”

  1. Really though if I was Chris brown The first thing I would care about is my self image cuz at the end of the day that’s where huge part of my money and support is coming from ( besides record sales) it just goes to show you the rachetness that takes place with stupid niggas I mean this dudes head was boosted at a young age and everything he ever wanted he got so I seriously think he dosent have “good sense” doing all the things he’s done… The clock is ticking homie we all just waiting for your come back reality show…

  2. Get him Rosenberg. Chris Brown and his music aint shit. Chris look like a lil flame with that haircut he got. I’m sure he has gay fans, and I’m sure they felt some type of way after that comment. I’m so disgusted with him right now because he’s doing a bit much.

  3. Well, Chris….I’m officially DONE with you. I’ve supported you in the past by buying your ablums, but now it’s a wrap. #teamFrankO

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