Men Aren’t Dogs Because Dogs Are Loyal. So Men Are Pussies?

a reader sent me a video that i remember watching a while ago,
from a movie years back in the 90s,
but the message still rings true today
i don’t know if you all ever watched a spike lee joint called jungle fever?

jungle_feverit was about a black man who left his wife to be with a white woman.
it was also the famous movie where halle berry played a crackhead,
launching her career.
the movie had a scene with a bunch of black women discussing black men.
a black man bashing party!
how fun!…

funny how black women subtly feel intimidated by gay men too.
spike lee was on point for that scene.

made me wonder if they were really acting?
they all looked mad as hell.
i would hate to be a black man in that room.
i had to ask myself is that “us” now?
all the issues they brought up seem to ring true in our community.
color issues.
not feeling “good enough” for a wolf.
we do have new issues to face as the world evolved.
it’s not even snow issues anymore.
the new legion spanish bussy getting chose.
messy queens seem to be winning.
social media has destroyed communication in general.
can’t look over without your man scrolling though grindr or jack’d.
gays would rather live in a fantasy world with nothing to show for themselves.
hiv and stds are wiping us out one by one.
people screamin’ yolo raw bustin nuts all up in the infected bussy.
it’s all so much that i started to wonder…

Are black gay men the new angry black women?

x watch jungle fever
click free user.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

46 thoughts on “Men Aren’t Dogs Because Dogs Are Loyal. So Men Are Pussies?”

  1. I think Max from Living Single said it best:

    “It’s not revenge; it’s prevenge…getting them before they get you!”

    That’s where I’m at.

  2. i just have to say that i LOVE how articulate all of the men are who posted above…i love conversations in which people can express themselves freely without fear of judgement…great convo guys,

  3. Damn Cream of Wheat you dont mind dragging a Ninja by their nappy roots LMAO!!!!! Honestly this has got to be 2 different people posting, who can really keep up anymore. Though there are many successful happy gay Black males, it has to be also acknowledge that there is much work to be done and its a lot of shit out here as well. Its like so many of us sort make this up as we go; not having no set plan on how things should work or how they are supposed to be. Sadly so many of us are damaged goods and really are not any good to ourselves, much less anyone else who is also damaged. I do believe there is hope, we all have the ability to grow and change and become better people and hopefully we can meet like minded individuals. I try to live by the philosophy of it starts with “ME”.

    1. Dragging Miss D should be a spectator sport because she makes it so easy. Look at her comments up there then go look at her comments in other threads. You will see the flip flop and lately she has even revealing who she is.

      Anywho it all starts with you. You can’t expect someone to love you and be a hot mess in this lifestyle. Many of these kids don’t love themselves. They are all smokes and mirror online trying to make someone think they are great. They borrow clothes, go work out on someone membership, and sleep on people couches just to keep up with this lifestyle. Once you find the love for yourself, you will find more people that love you. Also hurt people hurt people. Many gays are mean and spiteful because they are hurt. 1-800-THERAPY will fix those issues right up.

    2. You should ask Jamari who is posting. He can track IPs can’t he? His lil buddy made that retarded statement. Does it look like I am trying to act like anyone else? You can ask him if I’m one and the same can’t you? You barely can keep a conversation without my name in it.

  4. J this is me I sit a guy down after 3 months of hanging/ dating and define the relationship its either we just friends with chemistry or we upgrade and we in a relationship (which requires the removal of all the male suitors from your cell, facebook and deletion of any profiles on all dating sites delete them. you on a4a or grindr for friends I dont think so.)
    Many foxes make the mistake and assume 1) way to early they in a relationship after a week hun ya just courting as the old people use to call it. 2) miss read signs because he let you stay over after fucking u does not mean he wants to shack up could be he dont wanna go far for round two.

    So after you DTR time to set yours and listen to his ground rules and never agree to have open sex lives this usually mean ya wolf will be smashing foxes all over but expect you home in the den cause we may not be vixens and wolfs may say 50/50 everything as we both men but they expect vixen sexual loyalty.

    I live by my rules cause after a fail 5 year relationship I have come to understand men in general do the things they know they can get away with. He will cheat on your ass if he knows he will get away with it.

    See I dont believe in this we both men so equal rights and all that bullshit. You wanna fuck me like a vixen then you need to be putting my name on shit like a vixen .

    An is not a matter of gold digging cause I really thank the lord for providing me with a job that I dont need to be financially dependent on anyone. My ex worked for less than me and he always paid I use to beg to pay but you know that wolf pride I belonged to him.

    Also Foxes if you dont know how much money in ya man bank account guess what he not ya man. If you dont know his pin he not ya man. We seem to forget we men too honestly kerry and peanut is a perfect case, he was seeing about his peanut. Men like to be cared for you not doing the caring he not gonna be on you.

    So yes we not vixens but men choose them over us not just for the children but because vixens offer them stability, accountablity and they take care of them.

    My motto is I am not below any vixen so expect to treat me far better.

      1. I don’t like that Kinky. You are a man just like the rest of us. I be damn if a dude is gonna sit back and gonna make me earn him just cause he’s a Fox. Nah. We are all men. I hate that. Just cause you get fucked doesn’t mean you have to act like a woman. That’s a turn off. I guess when you and a dude go shopping he’s supposed to pay for everything right? NOPE.

        If you were my dude, I’d tell you to go put on heels and a dress since you want to be treated like a woman lol. That’s a bad mindset man

      1. STOP so its okay to carry a young lady out to dinner pay, do some drinks all to the lead up to you getting some. But because i am a man we should go dutch aka 50/50 and i still let you hit cause clearly i have no self esteem and 0 value for my hole. cause lets be real the date and all that cash you spend to hit that chick is because you think she is valuable, so why am i not entitled to the same treatment OH….right cause i a man cool…………. i’ll stick to my bad minset.

        Let me simplify it a man’s wallet is were his heart is, when he cares about something he spends his money without a care it is the safest indicator when it comes to men, a dude saying he loves ya is not worth the letters that form the words cause the free shit is done on ever fox willing to take some sweet words to the ear.

        i think i spend enough time round straight men to get it. most tops dont like honesty you rather the games these rachet guys play defrauding you of your hard earn money, aka peanutted while they riding every other dick for free. I will never get how wanting equal status and treatment given to a vixen is equated to me wanting to wear heels next you’ll tell me gays don’t deserve to get married cause thats for straight ppl.

        Foxes wake up and realize wolves never carry the DTF vixen home to mom as the line goes can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. So don’t expect any wolf to take you seriously because you DTF cause you both men. At the end of the day all you doing is no pun intended is selling yourself short

      2. Y’all want to be treated as masculine, but yet y’all want the same treatment as women, that’s crazy. You can’t have it both ways. Women are creatures who are supposed to be treated differently by men, and especially since they are feminine creatures lol. They are not as strong as us men. Women deserve better treatment, that’s just the way it is, and it’s always been that way, don’t act brand new on me.

        The only difference is one gives up ass and one doesn’t, that is all. I’m not paying for shit just because I’m a top and you’re bottom. Sure I’ll pay sometimes, but I be dammed if I’m paying all the time. Get outta here. That top and bottom shit stays in the bedroom. If you were a top you wouldn’t feel that way.

  5. Miss Davonna is admitting he is a bottom and is actually older than he is saying he is. That last sentence was telling.

    Anywho there is someone out there for everyone. There are men who have been fucked once, didnt like it, and go strict top, there are men who prefer both, and there are men who like dick and fiend for it. To say someone is a bottom and a whore is ridiculous. That is the opinion of a confused crazy person trying to figure himself out in this lifestyle. Gays like to talk about everyone because of the few homos they been around. Miss D said he only turned people out and wasn’t really involved in this lifestyle last entry. Suddenly he is the expert on gay life? Let this false prohphet fool ya if ya want too!

    Here is the true tea: The gay community has the luxury of having a platter of roles and personalities. Find someone who works with what you are looking for. When you love someone, life will adapt. Sex fiends care about roles to dominate/be dominated in the bedroom. People like what they like, can be set in their ways, or willing to try something new. You can’t base the standard as the reality. Ill listen to Lady D when he has been in a relationship with his first top and finds the love and attention he is looking for.

    1. I knew that Davon character was full of shit when he said that guy kissing Rih Rih was getting dick from JR Smith. Why Davon then post someone’s Instagram as dude’s “boy” who hangs with him and meets ballers? It was some random 14 YO looking like he live in North Dakota!!!!!!! That’s fucked up because he out in these streets giving suspect info on people. You know people believe anything on the Internet and all you need is some female to read that and assume shit. Smh

      1. You shoulda seen when he posted a ton of random instagrams saying all these girls mess with ballers. I go look and see some people I know of and been around. They are Instagram girls who pretend their life is bigger than it is (like Miss d?) If they really messed with ballers, how would he know? He don’t fuck with people like that in this lifestyle but he is hanging with the girls? Oh and in a fraternity too? Getdafuckouttaheregirl!

      2. Stop for a minute. Add him, and ask them for yourself. If it LOOKS like they mess around i say they LOOK like it. IF they do then they do. figure it out for yourself. I’ll have to stop posting here because you faggies are something else

      1. Miss D did you forget you said with conviction that they all mess around with ballers? Who is this posting now? You haven’t been updated because Davon 1 said that all those girls were fucking ballers. I go look at the other comment and you said that guy is JRS property and the guy in the Instagram was in his posse. Davon 1 also said he didn’t tell us. Girl you are slipping and hard. Give it up sweetie. We will like you acted like yourself and not some troll online.

    2. First of all my name is NOT spelled with an A faggot, why the fuck do you lil faggies love turning everything girlish. Keep me out ya mouth hoe

      1. Davonna! Davonna! Daaaavonnnaaa! Now back to the matter at hand little lady

    3. And I will address this once : let this be the last time you drag my organization to ANY FUCKING THING! You don’t know fucking shit about me or my org, i keep that far away from this life. You keep pulling these stunts every time,i ignore your stupid ass and you pull my org in. FUCKING GDI this is why I never like to bring myself to talk with your type. If you’re in the kut you’ll know who i am, if you’re not, then you’re irrelevant.

      1. You brought your organization on this site girl. No one told you to do that. You did it to look more masculine for us huh? We find it hard you are in a fraternity but your pictures are everywhere on the gay world. Unless those aren’t your real pictures and you are trying to be someone you aren’t. Girl your whole existence is a question mark. If you not some bitter queen then you probably some loner white kid trying to fit in with the blacks. Cut it out and bring that crazy down.

    4. You know what… I realize it’s strange for you that not everyone breathes lives and exists only for sex and fantasy. You are you. I never mentioned my org, keep it out your mouth regardless. More masculine for who? You? which one of you do i look bothered to want to seem masculine for? I am a man. I speak eloquently and some times rough it up. Time for everything. You probably don’t understand that concept. Living in the hood must be tough on you mentally. My pictures are where? If so then you probably are the one posting my picture without permission – a crime. I say it time and time again – I’m attracted to who I am attracted to. I’ve put it out here for the smart, wise ones can give me input. Some think it’s denial, I don’t – i admit what I prefer. And to you – stop talking about me, this is a blog with a comment forum and I am free to post here as are you. I don’t know why I have never mentioned any of you, except the author of this blog YET my name never seizes to leave your mouths. Can I live…? Keep me out of your life. More especially an org you have no idea about. I apologize to old school greeks reading this shenanigan. Again, stay off my life and what I do, I like to leave my comments, so endeavor to focus on yours.

      Thank you.

      1. Davonna I get it! I completely understand that when called out you do this. You act like everyone is out to get you. Suddenly you go from hoodrat to intelligent with a discretation. You don’t own up to your shit. You try and have people believe you are one way and then go through PMS in another. You damn near disrespected Jamari couple threads back because you disrespected him. The IRONY! Have you ever stopped to think that something is wrong with you? You are a negative person and if your online life is anything like your real life, you and that “frat” will be over before you know it girl. I have watched you disrespect people everywhere you go. Calling them faggots when they dont agree or live the way your twisted trolling ass lives. Your name is everywhere along with that Spanish boy picture you are pretending to be. Either way everyone knows you are full of shit. The posters on Myvidster know as well. You have left a trail because you cant figure out yourself and now you are feeding us cheese. These people don’t know but I do. Grow up gal.

        Thank you.

      2. That spanish boy’s picture = me . I am not spanish unfortunately, if you were intelligent, AGAIN, you would know a light skin does NOT equal spanish all the time. There are dark spaniards…u know what.. never mind. I’ve been cordial enough with you isn’t that what you, isn’t that what you wanted?

        Out to get me? I make a comment, John Doe makes a comment, you feel the intense need to reply MINE only and then follow me on everywhere I make a comment. Interesting. You a faggie, ain’t you? You call men Ms don’t you? and a queen in person? So yeah you are a faggie.

        Any other questions?

      3. Davonna if you were as intelligent as you claim to be, you would know I am calling you a girl missy poo poo. But you must be too smart for your own good that you don’t get it. Poor gal.

    5. IF you were even in the least bit intelligent, you would understand what is called, IRONY. You know, like when you say eat me then to someone who complains they are hungry…..never mind you’ll never understand. Anyway, I am a youngin and my point was that I meddle in grown folk matter and it’s time I stuck to keepe acting my age.

    6. Good to know you realize i’m intelligent, I never said I was, it must be that glaring that I’m smart, thanks. Get some for yourself, it helps. Now refrain from further comments, thanks.

  6. The MAIN issue is when people mention the TRUTH gay black men, (u inclusive), black women etc GET OFFENDED or either call the person a hater or say they bully them. If they learn to for a minute pause and evaluate if there is value there maybe some sense will seep in. I’m blessed that in the circle I have found myself NATURALLY there are dark, light, black, white, spanish, carribean and african (all genetic also) around me and I was NEVER aware that dark skinned people faced such harsh prejudice till i left home and wandered among lost people. Then I noticed it is the working-class or lower class DARK skin men who have issues with their color – the upper class/upper-middle class blacks (DARK OR LIGHT) don’t even seem to notice the difference in their color. Same applies to gays… Nathaniel and his husband got married – neither of them are light. Oh, and they were dating for years.. IT happens. I swear when we went down to A&T the girls there didn’t realize you were attracted to them unless you say you wanted to fuck. It was a whole different game and i was exposed FULLY to “black women” – the stereotypes. Same with gay men, if they don’t see u type like this “yea son, shit i mean yo it aint even dat mah nigga” speak or dress that way. It’s done. The lil joint i was fucking bck then showed me his phone full of thursty bottoms who wanted him to fuck em. Lil did they know. Why? Cus he “looked like a “WOLF” LMAO. .. so far i think Gays think in bichromatic reasoning. he is a “wolf/top” or a “fox/bottom” they love having men situated in one class. Same with black women he is a “baller/thug” or he is not. It’s 2013 folks, wise up.

    Gay men are the dark skin women and the straight men are the light skin ones, they get chose and gay men get bitter and try to BUTCH UP (deepen voices, wear timberlands (1990 shit), fitted hats, talk ghetto and hide intellects. “Straight” men want to be straight yet cool with females and fly like gay men. Dark skin women envy light skin women , light skin women don’t see why. Dark skin men envy light skin men (straight, bent and gay) , light skin men want to be seen as tough/tougher than dark skin men. Black people envy white people and try to fit in with white people. America is lost for blacks. Glad I have a DIRECT diverse heritage (and no I’m not “indian/cheerokee (or however it’s spelt) like every tom dick and harry claim they are). I don’t know how the slaved blacks do it.

    Low thinking is the beginning of the problem

    1. Glad to know you think so highly of yourself, and here I thought mixed people being conceited was a stereotype, not.Also about your whole dark skin being jealous of light skin thing.It’s common knowledge that they wouldn’t be had America not made such a big deal about it in the first place and still do to an extent.The light skin dark skin doesn’t affect only the black community, Indians have the complex as well.Indian Cinema doesn’t allow dark skin Indians to be in movies.I’m surprised you don’t have any Indians in your circle to tell you this, since ya know, your circle is so diverse while everyone Else’s isn’t.No duh dark skin people in an upper class won’t experience the same thing as a dark skin person in a lower class, the lower/working class have to work around people who treat them like shit because of their skin color.Just because the upper class darker skin people don’t experience it in their face doesn’t mean it isn’t happening when their backs are turned or they’re not in the room.You don’t know everything and you obviously don’t realize how deep certain aspects of life are so shut up talking like you do or understand it because you obviously don’t and never will.

      1. Also, it is not the dark skin working/lower class that have issues with their color, it’s society that has issue.

  7. Yea, gay men are just as bad women. It’s mainly because 80% percent of them aren’t even happy to begin with. It’s either they are not apply wit their sexuality, finding love, or masc men being upset because they feel like they are losing to fem men.

    1. I’ll let you in on a secret, some Jamaican guy I was smoking with said it was too damn freaky that I loved tits, ass, pussy, at the same damn time. When I told him i fuck tops and vers tops only He told me the reason why I never been fucked is because nobody’s been bold enough to snatch that ass or pussy as he called it. I told him nah yo that shit aint for me. It looks like it hurts like hell and the one time I give it up to some nigga if I fall MADLY in love with him or nigga is buying me a private island

      1. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not fucking tops. Most dudes who claim to be tops are only tops cause because they think bottoming is degrading and that it hurts. You will be surprised. Ask a dude why he doesn’t bottom and watch what they say. Most of them say it looks like it hurts. That’s a good indicator since it’s not a legitimate reason. You think bottoms didn’t hurt when they first took their first pipe? It hurts for everyone.

  8. I don’t reply often but the first reply is really sad if you feel that way about our lifestyle then you’re surrounded by the wrong people. There are plenty of successful well rounded gay individuals that aren’t promiscuous and have never been. Nor do they consume drugs or any other form of abuse.

    I’ve had this conversation numerous times first you have to center yourself define your goals and aspirations and surround yourself with like minded people. I’ve left plenty of friends behind because I refuse to allow their limitations to hinder my progress.

    1. I hear what everyone is saying, but the chances of being in these successful gay relationships is very slim. Take what happened to Kerry Rhodes for instance. If that queen could get Kerry then that gave us all hope. That looked like a loving relationship and then he showed his ass and outed him. There is always something in this lifestyle that hinders a successful relationship to last. Too many cheating and HIV stories to count. At least with the women you can control that since you are supposed to be in charge and have a direction. These homos don’t know if they want to be vers today, top tomorrow, or a bottom on Sunday!!!!

      1. If I was Kerry Rhodes how can you even feel comfortable to date someone else in this lifestyle again? He will probably spend the rest of his days scorned, sucking and fucking, and will die of HIV.

      2. Tops do not exist. I’m telling you as “one”. For instance, the only people I fuck with period are tops or “vers tops”. I am not turned on AT ALL by Vers and Bottoms, they strike me as whores, loose and willing to do anything for attention, to get some dick or to be known/loved. Vers tops and tops are whores on their own. If you hear the shit I hear from “tops” you would be shocked as fuck. This is the top guy who everyone is dreaming of to fuck them stupid. One for example, He looks it, acts it and the texts he gets you won’t believe – those he love dick – he claims he only lets me fuck – (story to the birds, i said cool), he’s set, drives a cadillac, the whole 9 yards, tats etc. Does he love to fuck – he “happens” to since everybody wants him to fuck them, and he “looks” dominant. He loves when i fuck him like my “bitch”. I think I’ve fucked w/em all . Dr, Schoolboy, Thug, a current *porn star*, stripper, Wall Street Icon, Rapper, Attorney etc. Not to brag or anything. I just feel the real deal is when you meet someone stop ASSuming he is a top/bottom/vers/ based on what he Looks/talks/dresses like. You CAN’T tell, and if he is fucking with dudes, TRUST he LOVES dick. Black men love to be macho because society expects them to be.. does he not have feelings? He does but if he expresses them he is thirsty, has no game, is a punk, weak etc. So he ACTS like he doesn’t, knowing the better he is at his act the more convinced females will be and the better his luck with women. How many “thug/machismo” relationships do you see succeed ? ZERO. The successful ones are the relationships were both acknowledge the HUMANITY and FRAILITY of each other regardless of gender. Why do you think black men run after white women? Because they have better pussies or are freakier? Nah…it is because white women seem to accept their men WEAK, SOFT, STRONG, DOMINANT, and all. They focus on who the man is not how much of a thug can he play in public. Same rule applies to gay men- They meet people and INSTANTLY ‘decide’ they want or don’t want a guy off how he looks. “He is a wolf” Yes “He looks soft/queen/fem” No. So once a bottom boy sees a guy dressed in wife beaters, tats, shorts and fitted he screams “how wet his pussy is” (eww) and wants to “date” him. The tats guy ain’t stupid, he knows you like him because he “manhandles” you, talks tough and is/is not lightskin/darkskin. Why will that type of relationship last? Once someone thuggier/prettier rolls by, bump. Fem boys don;t want to date fem boys, prada says he wants a thug when he is a cunt.

        Have you asked yourself, hmmmm i’m fem I don’t like fems, I want a thug… Will this ‘thug’ want me?

        So you find regular gay boys play dress up, act thug and buss the lil pretty fem boy open, give him the gift and it’s a cycle.

        I promise you jamari if you DARE switch your blog to begin posting socio cultural issues, economic issues, entertainment etc (like every REGULAR person is interested in) welp, readership will dwindle. Why? Gays treat themselves otherworldly, (oh I want to see a man my pussy can get wet for I want to see Dick and Ass) so why act surprised when people look down on you?

        Next time you bottoms make a statement think of how a female making that statement will come off to guys, then realize that is EXACTLY how you come off.

        I gotta stop posting on grown topics, I’m a youngin i should be arguing about the latest rap song or new Js

      3. They do exist cause I’m one. It’s a couple dudes I would “consider” but I doubt it will happen. I don’t have the desire for pipe in my ass. I will NEVER let a dude poke me, no matter how much I like him. I guess we won’t be together.

        Since you said that mean you give up your ass now? You tryin to get together for the night. We can go back to being enemies after sunrise. Ha!

      4. You know Davonna is crazy The Man. Crazy people have the best sex. She aint scared of the dick and will handle it like a real bitch. You fuck her once and next thing you know you still fucking the crazy out her ass a year later.

  9. I know plenty of gay men who aren’t promiscuous in happy, monogamous relationships…so maybe the little immature men who are mentally abysmal in their thoughts that’s probably how they operate and for them it would seem dire but for those of us who are responsible, intelligent and live our lives carefully thats not the case, and how does one turn straight lol ?!?! anywho great article Jamari…much love to you

  10. Gay men are the devil and this lifestyle will be the end of the men as we know it. All we do is fuck suck and fuck summo. We don’t date because we are men who are programmed to fuck everything with a hole off. The gay lifestyle is a dead end.

    1. Ill reword what woman in the orange shirt was saying:

      “There ain’t no good black gay men out there. Drug addicts, broke, in jail, useless, not going anywhere… the good ones are all straight or if they gay and they look good, they got about seven guys they stringing along at a time…”

      This lifestyle is useless!! Turn straight and avoid the heartache!!

    2. ^im holding on to faith and hope my man is out there.
      someone will recognize my beauty,
      and worth and not feel intimidated.
      he will get a scoop of all this good stuff and realize their taste matches mine.
      i will even get to a point I have options of good wolves vying for my attention.
      i will get chose.
      i won’t give up.

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