f0xmail: Would You Ride This Penis Jamari?


Scenario: You are half asleep in class and look over your shoulder to see this…

photoMY ANSWER….

tumblr_ml8gv8NGER1rome1po1_500well i would need to take a picture because no one would believe me.
he is what i like to call:

the horse dick centaur

centaura legend that you may only see once or twice in your life.
men with a dick so big,
you won’t have an ass/pussy after you attempt to fuck him.
you may not even by alive.
that dick with clear out your entire organs.
“cause of death: assualt with a blunt object”
you can’t even put that thing in your mouth.
i would fight a mofo who would even came at me with a pipe like that.
i always wondered how do those horse dick centaurs get pleasure?
do they jack off with two hands?
do their stick their dick in:

HollowTree…and hump the roots off it?
a dick like that makes no sense.
i’ll take my small dick wolves with a good stroke game.
as great as the parking is with this:

5A283380-CB37-4FA2-873B201E4210293Ei’ll pass but thanks anyway!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “f0xmail: Would You Ride This Penis Jamari?”

  1. I feel really bad for him because i know damn well no one is fucking that penis with a baby in it.

    then again snow foxes and vixens shove worse up their holes so maybe his sex life isn’t too bad.

    BUT DAMN!..that is a LOTTTTT of dick.

    1. ^That’s really sad. Can’t wear jeans, can’t go out and have a good time because they’re cursed (or blessed? idk) with a dickosaur, and they definitely can’t go jogging or to the gym period. That’s rough.

  2. That has to be photo shopped. It would take too much blood to fill that. Who would take it and live to tell about it?

  3. That’s too big! If you attempt to even try and take that. You have my best wishes and deepest sympathy at the same damn time.

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