Mariah Carey Has A Vision of Excuses That Were Given To Her?

i miss ^this “mariah carey”.
this diva vixen we have now can’t get it together.
so it’s onto the excuses now.
everyone is looking for someone to blame for “dick clark”-gate.
i’ve heard everything from budget issues to sabotage.
well mariah’s camp thinks the dick clark’s camp is trying to blame her.
this is what tmz has to say…

Mariah Carey’s people are incensed Dick Clark Productions is trying to lay the blame on her for the New Year’s Eve fiasco on live TV, and they say DCP’s own people copped to the problem right after it went down.

As we reported, Mariah’s team believes DCP “sabotaged” her performance in order to score big ratings. She claims she and her team repeatedly told production people the earpiece was not working but they assured her it would be fine when she got onstage and performed. It did not.

Our Mariah sources insist after the performance, people from Dick Clark Productions were “screaming’ about the malfunction, with one production person saying, “I don’t care that her ears didn’t work. She could’ve just winged it.”

Dick Clark says Mariah’s claim of sabotage is defamatory. But she’s incredulous, saying she did Dick Clark Productions a favor after they begged for her to sing, and she did it for free.

One Mariah source tells TMZ, “We could be in Aspen right now having the best time instead of being in dog s*** Times Square that smelled like a f****** sewer.”

it’s time for mariah to just take this as a loss and leave this alone.
what’s done is done.
there is no do over.
we can’t turn back the hands of time to nye to try it again.
it’s done.
her camp is about to have her out here looking stupid.
if i was her,
i’d be on the next plane out to some exotic local.
i’m sure some celeb will fuck up royally by the end of the week.
they are bringing way too much attention to nonsense.
on lighter news,
i started listening to my collection of her music again.
i guess some good came out of this mess.

lowkey: whoever the source was that said that about new yawk…
they are up for a dragging.
who has mariah hired?
they all seem bootleg and unprofessional.

article taken: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Has A Vision of Excuses That Were Given To Her?”

    1. ^AND THAT’S IT!!!

      she forgot the words to the songs that won her grammys and other awards.
      its like everyone wants to bring up her stats,
      but not on how she failed in the art of “the show must go on”.
      she just walked around looking lost while the record played.

  1. Have u ever sang in front of ppl w/ a mic in your ear? Do you know how that impacts a performance? She could’ve sang live all day but without the earpiece working In her ear how would she know what part of the song she was at even? Since everyone is an audio engineer.

    1. Even without the earpiece she could still hear. Her dancers were still on beat and when she did try to sing in her baritone voice it was on part where the music was.

  2. NO EXCUSES MARIAH! NOPE! For someone as talented as she is/was, she should be held to that standard and caliber, and she’s just not doing that. That starts with her taking herself and her career seriously, it seems she hasn’t done that in a very long time (I’m talking pre 2000’s).

    She only has herself to blame for that performance. Maybe if she claimed being sick or something I would have been more understanding, but… oh well. If she’s smart (and/or capable) she will DELIVER next time we see her. If she’s a TRUE legend, one bad performance won’t take her out, she’ll be able to bounce back from it, if not well… get used to the antics and bad performances (and the excuses for them) for the rest of her career. This very same thing happened last year for similar problems. I wonder how many excuses she has in her Rolodex? Or will she actually deliver at some point? I’m not buying what she’s selling.

    She has such a great catalogue to fall back on. She needs to use that to get back on track instead of wasting the opportunities she’s made for herself. We’ll see what she does.

  3. First of all it is so many singers who would have killed for this high profile gig and gave it their all. One thing you can not do in entertainment is give a bad show and be unprofessional, it could literally ruin you over night and take you years to bounce back. The public would have been more forgiving had she just gave it her all instead of acting like an amateur at her high school talent show. Selling lots of records does not equate to being a great singer. I have never seen the hype in her. She has had some music we love but she is nobody I go to when I need some type of music to soothe my soul or get me through something. She has always been a lot of hype and has a good machine behind her pushing her. That performance was trash and she deserves the roasting that she is getting.

    Diana Ross who is a real and legendary DIVA stood in the damn pouring rain in Central Park and sang for her life, now this is a damn iconic performer. Aretha Franklin, had to step in for Opera Great Luciano Pavarotti at the Grammy’s when he was unable to perform, she had only 7 minutes to prepare and she had to sing the song in his key and hit it out of the park. These are real DIVA’s Mariah and you need to take a page out of their book on how to press on in any situation because that is what you do as DIVA. These antics that you are pulling make you look silly and childish on top of those Pinky Tuscadero fashions you insist of wearing. I am glad you did not get paid for that tom foolery of a performance.

    1. Right? I don’t care how good she USED TO BE, and I trust me, I LOVED her first album and her second. She was a real powerhouse, however she’s a joke now compared to REAL legends. I hope she can get it together and prove me wrong, but until then, she’s no legend in my eyes. The title isn’t eternal.

      Mariah, you still need to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT! You’re still too young to be burning out like that and still wanting to act like a “legend”. If you’re burnt out, just take a hiatus for a few years, live off of your old work until you’re ready to remind the world what brought you to this position in the first place.

      1. Diggy…she’s a shell of who she once was. She can’t hit the high notes that pretty much established her career any longer. I mentioned in another post that she should take a cue from Madonna and try to “rework” or “reimagine” some of her songs, to accommodate her range NOW…instead of what it USED to be.

        I’ve seen a few clips of her fuckin’ up her songs, and I just shake my head. My co-worker went to see her Christmas show and she said that she was lip-synching All I Want For Christmas, trying to play it off like she was really singing. She had me cracking up. I saw her in concert many years ago, and she was on point. I would not pay to see her now.

      2. Damn, then I I think it’s time for ole gurl to just live off of the oldies and let people remember her for her music. I think she should focus on those two cute kids she has and maybe come out to perform every now and then, maybe start a business or something to remain relevant.

        Go out while you’re on top! Patty Labelle can still rock the house so she doesn’t need to stop, but Mariah…you might want to sit down or re-evaluate your entire brand.

  4. All this is dramatics at this point.

    This is not going to take away from what’s she’s contributed to the music industry nor could it kill her career like Ashlee Simpson’s.

    If only people held these basics singers and rappers of today to the same standards they hold someone who’s likely at the tail end of her career and has performed flawlessly for at least 15 years of her career.

    Truth of the matter is Mariah could ride the wave of her Christmas album every holiday season and chill for the rest of her life. Not many artists can say that.

    1. Well it is no doubt that her voice is shot. Her taking care of herself has taken a toll on her. Real talk though if the earpiece was not working she really could not wing it that truly would have looked even more ridiculous. So shame on Mariah for not taking of her gift and shame on Dick Clark Prod. sound people for doing a piss poor job. The should be terminated.

    2. Jay…then how come Celine still sounds great?
      Back in the day it was Whitney/Mariah/Celine…the “voices” as they were known. Celine still sounds great, still able to hit notes, dresses age appropriate, and doesn’t carry on like Mariah did/does.

      1. Agreed! I don’t think it’s a bad thing for her to accept that she’s just not what she used to be. She’s STILL so great that her “contemporary” Ariana Grande, doesn’t even reach her for lack of artistry despite actually being of the few that can actually compete with Mariah, so Mariah still has some merit. (Leona Lewis has the potential, but lacks the scope).

        If she continues on this path, contrary to Jay’s point, I strongly believe it WILL kill her career, and be even more devastating than most considering her caliber. She needs to get it together, or just ride the wave of her past successes.

      2. I like Ariana, but I see so much of Mariah’s antics and mimicry with her, that she turns me off at times. She primps and parades around on stage…like Mariah. She poses for pics…like Mariah. Even her videos are like tributes to Mariah. Be yourself, UGH!

      3. That’s exactly why I DON’T like Ariana! She hasn’t even payed her dues to act a fool like Mariah has, and I’m still not even giving Mariah a pass on it! And as far as tonal quality, Mariah has a nicer voice to listen to, and Mariah’s had music with way better content in her FIRST YEARS than Ariana has ever had, and Ariana hasn’t done anything good…EVER…AT ALL. Just typical pop music, so for those reasons, despite her talents, Ariana is a basic artist to me LOL. Not much legend potential aside from the voice. Leona Lewis is better, but I don’t hear music from her anymore :/

        You are right in the case of both of them! Be yourself, and take your craft seriously!

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