Chris Brown Has A Emmy in “Best Dramatic Dragging on Social Media”

tick tock…
the “chris brown drama” just don’t stop.
i guess trey songz couldn’t have that spotlight for too long.
so you know how i wrote about chris brown vs soulja boy over karrueche.
well karrueche had something to say to chris and via baller alert

good for her.
chris brown took the time to respond
and drag her:

no he didn’t say he fucked her friends.
the level of disrespect.
well soulja boy decided to jump in:

…and then chris brown had to finish it:

that escalated quickly.

How come no one has ever been able to successfully drag Chris Brown?

no one has ever really checked him.
no one has ever thrown his business/secrets back in his face.
i feel like he is immune to a good dragging.
chris brown wins again?

lowkey: why they just jump soulja boy on ig live?

…and of course:

is better than reality tv.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Chris Brown Has A Emmy in “Best Dramatic Dragging on Social Media”

  1. SHIITT i would have to disagree society has dragged him and white people are done with him it’s only a matter of time before this pill poppin cracked out version of Michael Jackson has a Britney spears meltdown… His music is shit, everything sounds alike and all he’s known hor now is twitter rants… Chris Brown in essence has dragged himself…He’s his own worse enemy and the sad part is his fans condone the bullshit….and he’s a punk always beefing with females on social media…like she was living her life and not thinking about him he sayins everyone knows her because of him but honestly she was smart because she went after her own endeavors…most females who date celebs just lay up on IG all day and push out babies i cant even knock her for going after her hustle…I just feel like CB is a millionaire fuckboy all the hood fuckboys love him…

  2. Wow 😳 just wow

    karrueche had the perfect response to this yesterday with that whole book at the beach post. As soon as I read that she had more to say I knew Chris was coming for her. Like we said with the Michael B Jordan situation a little while ago sometimes it’s best not to give a direct response to certain things.

    P.S. I feel like the person that has the best dirt on Chris is probably RiRi.

  3. I’m sorry, this is not entertaining at all. I pray that nobody gets seriously hurt or die because of this ignorant childish-ass beef. To all involved in this mess: please, grow the Fuck up

  4. Because he knows who to play with. He post a pic of beyoncé once (he was complimenting her) but the drag was real he deleted it quick. Now he needs to grow up and move on. What the girl said is real, she doesn’t want him she didn’t ask for him to make her feel poppin, actually she doesn’t not need him anymore. But like any abuser he thinks he owns her or something, because he made her famous, she is his property. That man is crazy, soulja is just stupid but chris is crazy. And the real problem is his fans find always try to justify the mess, just like the tried to blame rihanna, now they want to blame that girl. A girl he mistreated, had a child on, cheated on, stalked, disrespect publicly… he need some help. He is a pathological abuser.

  5. Everybody wants to get attention from bickering back and forth but won’t put out good music. This is why my playlist is full of pop and old rnb and hip hop. A druggie calling another person druggie smh

  6. Thisis my only “can’t do no wrong” celebrity. I will stand in the gap until his grown man arrives. He let their asses have it, and I endorse his message. LOLOL

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