Malcolm X Was A Lookin Ass N*gga

nicki-minaj-artworkso nicki minaj used that image of malcolm x as the single cover for her new track,
“lookin’ ass nigga”.
take a gander at the video for said song…

EAS5iEYwell besides the black power conglomerate headed towards her mentions,
this is the nicki i like.
that aggressive spit>>>>>>>
what i actually liked her for until she went pink our asses.
her verse on “monster” still makes me hard.
thank god she didn’t have some rainbow unicorn with an army of oompla loompas.
you know how she do.
that being said,
people are pretty upset at malcolm being on the cover.
the song started out hard and ended with “eh”.

lowkey:oh and she looks so much better natural.
how much times did she say “nigga” in that song?

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Malcolm X Was A Lookin Ass N*gga”

  1. I wonder how many heterosexual egos are broken and bruised over this.
    She fondled herself while verbally assaulting a nigga, only to shoot his ass dead in the desert.

    That was some real hot shit.

  2. Where do I start. I’ll keep it short, although my blood pressure is in the danger zone. I oppose the use of the N word. It’s harmful. It is not beneficial for African Americans/blacks/African people.

    When it comes to Malcolm X, he was not an N. And when it comes to Nicki Minaj, I would remind her that the young should honor and respect their elders but that she’s doing the opposite to her elder Malcolm X. She’s dishonoring and disrespecting him.

    It is clear that the young honoring and respecting the elders and the elders nurturing and protecting the young is a societal self-protection and self-perpetuation mechanism because when the young are nurtured and protected, they are more likely to grow up to be elderly and when the elders are honored and respected, they are more likely to give their wisdom and material goods to the young who are more likely to grow up to be elderly.

    By her dishonoring and disrespecting Malcolm X and by her other actions (including the use of the N word and dying her hair various colors, etc.), Nicki Minaj apparenty wants to launch a societal self-weakening and self-destruction mechanism. I don’t have to look far to see that she and her ilk are making progress in their negative goals. She disgusts me.

    1. Eh, no, the Nigga word is for African Americans only, not ALL Black people in the world. That being said, there’s a lot of cosigning this bullsh!t that disgust me. African Americans should know better rather than supporting this idiot. Only people short of some much needed cells will differentiate nigg3r from nigga! I’m a descendant of African slaves in America, I highly doubt they would agree with me if I were to tell them it’s a term of endearment. AAs stay losing with the ghetto mentality! Listen to better music, indulge in legal activities that will enhance your life and that of your family and stop supporting trash like this whore!

  3. I just wish she would take a real long vacation. This was disgusting and I wont even comment on that disrespectful cover, at least the estate of M.L.K will sue for nonsense like this, and hopefully Malcolm X family will pull the plug at least on her marketing him in this manner. Hot Garbage, but im sure it will be a huge hit for her because anything negative like this is always celebrated and pushed to the forefront.

  4. It’s Black History Month and Mercury Retrograde.

    Way too much going on.

    I like her, loved her interviews on YouTube before the fame, but this right here… nigger is not a term of endearment, which is the point. I get the message of the song, but the imagery is problematic and offensive.

    She’s better than this, however she’s dead ass wrong for putting El Hajj Malik Shabazz on the cover of this next to the words Lookin Ass Nigga.

    He is the exact opposite of what she was talking about.

    Dead ass wrong. In fact this crosses the Rubicon. Right up there with putting MLK on a club flyer promoting twerking. This is us doing it to us. Black on black crime. They did not die for this foolishness.

    You’d think white supremacy would take a break.

    Nobody in her camp paused before proceeding?
    Guess not. Not a good look for a comeback.

    This will not end well. At all.

  5. Just got a letter from the white people delegation representative it reads:

    keep doing what your doing we think it’s hilarious…

  6. I want no part of this song. I’m thoroughly convinced that I am full blooded Native American. I say send the black folk back to Africa, and send the white folks back to Europe, and let’s just start fresh. This country has been through enough.

  7. Ha Nobody can talk about black anything on here if its to degrade another black women in attempt to “perserve the black image”. She’s black. She’s entitled to black history and using it whenever, however she wants if she feels like it relates to whatever it is she’s trying to say. It’s a good day for black women when one of their own can invest wholly in her sexy and aggression without the need for a male co sign. She blasted tf out us dudes BUT that’s her right. There’s space in the industry for a woman, a black woman, to do that. Kudos to Nicki.

    1. I don’t care if it’s Nicki Minaj, any other black women, or a black man with a big black “kielbasa”! Foolishness is foolishness, I don’t care what form it takes on. This song (I use the term loosely) is just sad. People wonder why white folks are getting bold, and saying foolish things without considering the consequences. Well, Rap music is pretty popular now, so foolish/reckless lyrics such as these become acceptable to folks who should never… EVER utter them. She can blast dudes ALL SHE WANTS, ALL DAY EVERY DAY if she wants to. That’s not the issue. It’s the way she chooses to do it. Nice visuals though.

  8. You can’t bury the word nigga like you can’t bury the words, honky, chink, spic, etc! Malcolm is the type who used the term Lookin ass nigga in his early days before Mecca! It’s entertainment with a splash of truth! Loved it!

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