Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant

well according to fashionbombdaily,
lil’ kim is about to have a lil’ one.
i am a lil’ shocked.
okay a lot of shocked.
congrats if true.

see more: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Lil’ Kim Is Pregnant”

  1. Its really sad when you don’t love yourself and just mutilate the natural beauty that you have. If any she should have stopped at the face she had at the VMA awards when Diana Ross bounced her breast.

      1. Jamari Kim is dark skin Biggie was dark skin, biggie was so black he was purple. Kim is a Grammy award winner and the greatest female mc alive. The baby’s father is Floyd Mayweather And he is also dark skin with a very wide nose. His nose is even bigger than Nikki minaj nose. Why Nikki light skin with blue eyes blonde hair???? Does she hate herself oh no she is just copying The Queen Bee Lil Kim

  2. Damn, she’s looking like that Cat lady who had so much surgeries done to her face that she looks like a Lion.Man, America.

  3. Kim’s baby father is @mr_papers he works in the music industry as well, lots if underground stuff, but he definitely got that bread. On to her surgeries I really don’t think its that bad, i feel she’s more a victim of bad makeup artistry, bad hair stylist, and inappropriate clothing, her look has definitely changed but not really that much, she’s still recognizable, just usually overdone in every way… She’s still an icon so she will have that status forever

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