Kevin McCall Cums From The Front, Side, and then On Camera

I like Kevin.
I like Kevin’s body.
I like Kevin’s nipples.
I like Kevin’s complexion.
I HATE his song Naked.

I’d let him get smash…
…and then sing me a love song after.
This picture below got me feeling some kind of way….

… then cums from the front:

and last cums on camera:


lowkey: why was he working out so hard for naked…
and not naked?
waiting on that new song, btw.
naked needs to put it’s clothes on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Kevin McCall Cums From The Front, Side, and then On Camera”

  1. His body is sick; the song is not…however if he took off some more clothes in the video, I’d watch it (on mute).

    S/N: I imagine this is what Random looks like – except more booty & thighs lol

    1. I bet he got mad cakes and big ass thighs. I just want to see his body period. I have been wondering if he’s darkskin or light skin tho.

    2. You’d be right. Kevin McCall and I have the same build. He’s just taller with a bit more body fat on his upper torso. 🙂

      1. In all honesty you might be taller; or at least the same height. Most of these guys are pretty short.

  2. Man, I love the features in his face. He’s so sexy. I said before that he should just sit there and look pretty.

  3. I love Kevin. He is absolutely beautiful to me. I really didn’t even need the video. The picture of him sitting down was enough for me.

  4. he is one sexy mothafucka!!!1 imma need a tube of BATH SALT cuz i will turn into a cannibal for that nigga . i will lick, bite, kiss those lips, and let him cum in my mouth, he would be the first that probably would make me cum 3 times

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