F0x Asks: Wolves, Do You REALLY Like This?

I always wondered about this.
I could never do this, myself.
Never say never, but it just isn’t my swagg.
Even if I was with my Wolf, I could never see myself doing this….
I hope this doesn’t mean I’m a prude or anything…

I see Foxes, Jackals, and Hyenas doing this on every social media site and the Wolves eat it up (literally),
by what I can see.

So, a Fox wants to know the real truth…



does this really make you want to fuck?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “F0x Asks: Wolves, Do You REALLY Like This?”

  1. No offense, but that’s really gay. Nothing wrong with knowing how to dance or even being able to twerk a little bit, but all that is extra.

  2. If it’s my man and we are apart, this would do so much for me. Some dudes just like to watch (because they can’t touch). I should know….i got a dude paying for me to do the very thing…easy money!

  3. So no one is gonna talk about how old boy in the 2nd video is midnight dark up top & caramel mocha down below? Oh…aight den O__O

    He has a phat azz #doe.

  4. I think they do it cuz the (actual) girls do & they’re tryna compete and/or show off their skills. For the most part, it doesn’t do much for me – I prefer a slow wine in person then this hyper twerk; Imma need you to know how to move them hips doe!

  5. I think that Wolves and dudes like this because they envision foxes doing this on their dicks. Like Luckeystar said its about just getting satisfaction from seeing it than having it.

  6. idk why wolves like this the first vid looked like the walking stick froms a bugs life and in the other vid i was distracted by that hyenas 2 toned skin, coco buttet asap lol.

    call me a bi hybrid but i like this kind of booty shaking

      1. Yes yes yes. All I can hear in Nikki voice “this pussy clean this pussy squeaky, yo pussy old yo pussy creaky!!!!”

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