So Kenya Moore Had Said…

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 10.40.39 PMthis is why i like kenya moore.
i guess i’m the only one,
but it’s whatever.
she’s entertaining.
i completely agree with her tho.
personally i’m not into fist fighting in the street like a commoner.
i’ll leave that for the ratchets.
now if you charge at me like a wild silverback gorilla,
i’m not above:

tumblr_moc53qXk6r1spfd6uo1_500…and then tell the police i was in fear for my life.

lowkey: i was wondering about this fight today at work.
it seems very unlike the real housewives franchise.
why do i feel like moose leakes sent this story to the tabloid to start shit?

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “So Kenya Moore Had Said…”

  1. Well I heard no one got dragged. Porsha and Kenya both jumped up, and Porsha pulled Kenya’s hair and that was it.

    I read she will be fired. Come on, you know you did it to solidify her spot for next season since she was on the chopping block. The rest are coming back.

  2. Yeah, I heard it was just a hair pull and then I heard it was just a slap.I knew this would turn out like the Nya vs Erica situation.Ain’t no Kenya is gonna let Porsha drag her.Push or grab, yes, but drag, hell no.

    Of course she would pull Kenya’s hair, because Kenya’s hair is real and grown from her own head unlike the other ladies who are always weaved out.I’ve had the thought that that is why so many Black girls like to fight.They don’t have anything to lose in the fight because 9 times out of ten, their hair is a weave or wig.If all Black girls took the time to grow their own hair and maintain it like Kenya, I bet they’d think twice before jumping into a fight.

  3. I like Kenya too. Yeah she’s messy, but them hoes didn’t like her from the beginning so fuck them. They’re mad that she’s gorgeous and she has quickly become the star of the show. As soon as she gains enough leverage, she’ll be off to do her own thing.

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