Did I Miss Something?

NjkfQjfis it me,
or did i miss an episode of the game?…

so here i am tonight,
catching up on my shows,
when i decided to watch the game.
so check it right…
last week jason went to go visit kelly behind chardonnay‘s back…
why come this mofo kiss kelly as soon as she opened up the door!?
200I KNOW!
so they were up talking in her hotel room.
why come they talked until like 4am?
she nearly missed her flight because of it.
it ended with him crashing his car into a dumpster.ya know because that was a brilliant idea.
i was ready to see what was gonna go down because of it.
well why come this new episode is some damn intervention for tasha?
i feel like i’m missing an episode…
…or is show just really poorly written this season?

lowkey: is it me or is lauren london character super annoying,
tasha mack super extra,
and blue super wack (i loved-ed you blue tho!)?

x watch new episode here

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Did I Miss Something?”

  1. or is the show just really poorly written this season?

    just this season?


    Where you been the past 3 years…

  2. omg Jamari please go subscribe on itunes After Buzz TV The Game and listen to the recaps, yes we missed an episode… the show needs to go after this season like single ladies.

  3. ^last season was entertaining…
    i think.
    or was it the season before?
    or was i only wrapped up in blue’s looks and now the spell isn’t as strong?
    i dunno.
    i have a headache.

  4. I tried watching this season, and I haven’t watched in two weeks. Lauren London is not a good tv actress IMO. She and Blue are boring.

  5. Recap

    Tasha went from 2 minutes pregnant to 9 months

    Lauren London committed career suicide joining the show

    The writers these season are trying interject drama in a comedy and it ain’t working

    Blue had potential..but they keep his clothes on now.

    It Comes On At 10 SO Turn up

    T.t needs to go

    Malik needs to go

    brandy doesn’t fit but they trying to make her the star now.


    Tasha baby is really a result of drunken sex with her and Jason and the both forgot.

    Derwen should come back minus Melanie

    blue can stay if he’s shirtless and man up a bit. He should be the playa

    and wtf is up with maliks hair..

    retire jason maliks t t Tasha

    resign blue serein and turn I into basketball wives but from the players perspective and screw Erybody

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