Kenya Moore. “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”. The Song?

kenya moore is going to be a star.
she made sure that was in her contract.
she is now a harmonic talker.
like all the housewives,
she made a song with her famous catchphrase.
she performed her new smash hit “gone with the wind fabulous” on andy cohen...


that was just too gay for me.
i’m sure the demographic she is aiming for will eat that up.
it’s already for sale on itunes.

click here to buy your fabulous

i say milk these 15 minutes before they run dry.
not everyone has extra time like kim kardashian.
she keeps buying a new clock.
remember her song?


she had to end up saying she made it for charity when people went in.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Kenya Moore. “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”. The Song?”

  1. Lmao I can already see the YouTube videos of the kids vouging for their lives to this song. It’s not a bad song but I won’t be bumping this in my car this is for when I’m at home cleaning with my headphones on

    1. Ok. People just do shit cause they can move their body. Right now im not surprised, maybe a few years ago, but not now. Soon animals are going to start selling records and people will jamming to it like it was grammy nominated.

  2. Damn, I never knew Kim K did a record, but Im not surprised either, it truly speaks to the state of the music industry today, there are no words for the fuckery that is Kenya Moore. I cant even be mad because this economy has brought out survival instincts in everybody, and Kenya was determined not to end up working at the Mac counter in Macy’s, being a has been in the dust bins of history. I think her next move should be the face of Bi-Polar, making it more acceptable in mainstream society.

    S/N Ronnie you have given my laugh today because I cant tell that its not already animals on microphone with this new batch of artist out here now.

  3. her fifteen minutes have actually been twenty years. This song is wack as hell, but a Miss USA/model/actress/producer/director has every right to attempt something ratchet like this.

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