this is for everyone.

and hybrids.

we haven’t done one of these in a long time.
{{{blows dust off}}}}

let’s get into it…

your sister is dating this guy for 2 years:

typical college frat boy.
he is VERY touchy feely with you and likes to play around.
well one day when your sister was out the crib,
ya’ll decide to start play wrestling.
he pins you down and then kisses you.
he used to tongue.
i know.
caught you right off guard.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (48)”

  1. With my little sister. He has to go!

    My sister is probably the only person on this Earth I’m completely loyal to.

    I wouldn’t out him, but he has to break up with my sister or he’s getting his ass kicked.

  2. Damn, I cant lie, I would have to kiss this ninja back and it would be our secret, I know I’m bad but this dude makes me feel some kind of way. Sorry Sis– This situation really happen to a friend of mine when he was in high school, his sister was older and was dating this guy. Well one night he said the dude came over when his sister was out and her boyfriend told him that he was attracted to him. My friend said at the time he didn’t think he was gay and never really thought about any type of attraction or feelings for men and he was scared and confused by this dude coming on to him. He said that the dude told him that he wasn’t gay but he tried to get him to go behind his sister back and go to his house. He said that his sister eventually broke up with the guy and he never told her to this day about this situation, but he thinks its funny now because how homophobic his sister was at the time.

  3. Hell naw. Choosing some random ninja over your own sister? That’s beyond trifling and desperate. I would never even do that to a friend. I don’t care how fine he is loyalty is a big issue to me.

  4. What happens next? I’ll tell you what…he’d feel a fist or the nearest skillet upside his head. No way I’d creep with a guy who’s taken and couldn’t be honest with my sister of all people! And he can stick his tongue out as much as he wants…I’ll shut that sh*t down quick.

  5. Ya know Fox hole it’s always the forbidden fruit that looks the best but you would get sick real quick if you take bite. I would of course confront him about it and break the news to my sister real soft like. It could work out fine my sister would dump him he would go his way and alls well that ends well. Or she hoes off he playes the deny song and I’m the one looking like the jackel. But either way I hold the truth and its off my chest and it would all play out for the best……. Hopefully

  6. I don’t care how good he looks. He has to go, and his relationship with my sis is now over. If he doesn’t end it I would out him. Yes I certainly would.

  7. Many guys experiment and some say that they are courious even on some website that is what they state, so I don’t put it pass no man. I took this Human Sexuality course dealing with the deviant behavior in psyhcology and the professor stated that all men have gay tendencies some may act up it and others will not.

    1. The situation would not be okay if he was attached to anyone I’m loyal to.

      I’m not saying it would be a go if I didn’t know his girlfriend…it depends.
      There would definitely have to be a connection beyond sex, because you can get that anywhere.

      I’m leery of dudes with girlfriends because their relationships are usually already drama to begin with most cases.

      Some of these ratchet women do follow their boyfriends every move because they know he’s cheating. I avoid all that shit.

      At the same time, I think its all about how he handles his shit. Some dudes have their girl in check.

    2. Jamari the situation can go 2 ways he could just shake scene and be over with. Or it can be a big ass scandal BIG ASS SCANDAL. This not friends this is family and with family things are tougher

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