Kaldrick King Comes Out The Closet Frank Ocean Style

i was in fuckin’ tears!!!!!!

damn them for making me cry today.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALRSU6ay4NU]

is the show over for good?
i have this whole plot in my head…

taariq comes back for kaldrick.
kaldrick is with obama lawyer.
he can’t choose…
then jamari fox comes into the equation.
he drops both them mofos and i’m the one.
i got to fight them off from ruining our relationship.

enough drama for 2 more seasons.
write it up!

lowkey: right.
this isn’t my fantasy.
carry on…

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Kaldrick King Comes Out The Closet Frank Ocean Style”

  1. You know I was no more good!!! I hope his new lawyer bf finds a way to retract that statement and make it look like his account was hacked, because his dl status played a huge role in what made his character who he was…. It’s way to soon for him to be coming out!

  2. I agree this show always has me in my emotions. I just want the next season to focus on Tariq. I kinda feel he got cheated this season. And the Lawyer reminds so much of Tom from the Boondocks. Even though I like his friendship with Kal….I don’t really dig them as a couple. This season wasn’t as hot as first. Hopefully with the next they get back to hot steamy scenes,

    1. He IS Tom from the Boondocks!!!! LMAO! I couldn’t put my finger on it, past the Obama thing, but you hit the nail on the head!!!

  3. I’m proud of Kal for doing that at the end. I think Chris is so cute. I think it’s strange how he resembles Obama.

    Did y’all see the way Kal snatched from Donna at 3:10? She knew what was up.

  4. It is about time to see homosexual black love on network television represented. Andra Fuller is a great actor and does the part well. The majority of us want to see Kal (Shawn) and Tariq get back together…sorry Obama lawyer but they had something going first and Kal owes him to do right by him. It showed Tariq still loves him as well as Kal loves Tariq still. The show is doing well in Canada so even if it does not get picked up here we should be able to watch it online.

  5. I hope that they get a third season. I used to only watch for Kal and Tariq and then just Kal, but now I’m invested in majority of the characters. I felt so bad for Kal when his dad passed, it made me emotional. I hope they do bring Tariq back tho and mix things up. But I love “the Obama lawyer”. I think he’s great for Kal. I hope they come back! And soon!

  6. I literally had to give Kal a standing ovation for the man he is becoming. I loooved this episode and cant wait for next season! I’m still not too sure about the lawyer dude, but I think his purpose is to make Kal feel comfortable about himself. I do believe this will lead to Kal Tariq reuniting.

  7. While I want to see Tariq back on the show, Kal & Tariq are over. Kal has made his peace — not so sure about Tariq; but that relationship was un-equal…almost adult & child. Kal & Obama/Tom work better to me — now they just need a little more chemistry & some steamy scenes…at least making out lol

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