Jon Moody Does “Acting, Bawdy, and Cake” Again

i have a crush on jon moody.
i said it.
he is:

a creative
a complete package of that bawdy + facial

get me a towel because i’m moist.
well jon has been putting himself out there.
he started by being in a skit for ( x blameitonkway ) last year.
a f-bi directed me to a new skit he did with lalasizahands89 that debuted on ig today.
check it out…

i think lala is so funny.
i LOL’d,
but then i had to pause and look at his bunz and those massive arms…
i want more of jon moody.
attention to all the ig super stars!
keep putting him in ya’ll skits so i can feel delirious.
i like that feeling when i look at him.

call me…”


lowkey: the f-bi told me he is very nice and humble.
10+ foxhole points.

video credited: lalasizahands89

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Jon Moody Does “Acting, Bawdy, and Cake” Again”

  1. He seems like a cool guy. I like a guy with some talent and actually doing something with himself. Muscle with some brains are hard to find. Muscle with no brains is a no-no for me. I’d rather brains and good convo sans the muscles, but if I can have both, sign me up!

  2. Mmmm…I’m surprised I’m saying this but he’s not my cup of tea. Maybe cause…idk he’s just not doing it for me. He’s good looking tho obviously that can’t be denied just not me though.

  3. He is foi-innnnnnnne! And Lala is so goofy LOL, in a good way. I think that’s what makes her funny. She has this goofy demeanour that helps in her comedic skits, maybe it’s the huge smile who knows haha. Love her

  4. Blameitonkway always has some hottie in a video now. A little while back he had model Seige in a skit and I was swooning the entire time. Moody looks good as always in LaLa’s skit tho.

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