jeffree star might be talking to your fantasy in his dms

i’m not shocked anymore.
we always assume certain males are “better than that“,
but i’ve seen the finest wolves deal with the trashiest whores.
they’ll fuck,
and even have young ones with the lowest of the lows.
how many times have we seen someone get outed and wonder:

WTF were you with him??????

don’t ever think someone is too:


Out of shape
Messy AF

…to pull top tier meat in these forests.
never underestimate the power some of these folks have.
when beauty guru and problematic attentionisto,
jeffree star,
posted this today after made a joke of him playing with the wrong balls…


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Oop 👀 who y’all think it could be neighbors?

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are we surprised in 2020?
first of all,
some males are absolutely stupid.
for some,
fuckin “the dangerous ones” can get a dick hard.
i use to be like “why not me?”,
but i’ve come to learn something as i mature in life.
jefree star is absolutely vile,

Are those 3 alleged NBA baller wolves just as messy?

water seeks its own level.
no one i’d want to date,
or even let smash,
would entertain a “jeffree star” especially after his alleged racist behavior.
so he can have whatever is in his dms.
let this be a lesson to:

Never underestimate anyone

you never know who has “your fantasy” booty/dick whipped

emotionally attached,
and treating them like straight TRASH.

low-key: emotional attachment,
knowing what gets under your target’s fur,
and add some bomb sex = a deadly combo.
that’s why some can’t let go of their exes or crushes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “jeffree star might be talking to your fantasy in his dms”

  1. Jeffree is a known liar and will say anything for attention. I doubt the dms (if they even exist) are what he is implying.

  2. Isn’t he fem though. There are a lot of really masculine men who can’t get enough of feminine men. Gurl put on a wig and some makeup and some of the (I can’t believe he’s gay) men will beg to get fucked. Being fem makes you a fetish but not a wife.

  3. I sort of believe him because he only said 3.If he had said a large number I would say “BS”.I Googled the number of players in the NBA and the article said each team can have a maximum 15 players,13 can be active and there are 30 franchises.So that’s 390 active/ up to 450 total players.So it’s possible 3 have been in his DMs.

    There’s no accounting for taste.

  4. I can believe this. Jeffree is very rich, so the guys wouldn’t have to worry about blackmail. Also, he has NEVER named a single person he has hooked up with other than his ex-boyfriend. No tell-all book, no youtube videos, nothing to expose these guys.

    It makes sense to me. He’s not… er, my type, but I can understand guys feeling “safe” with him.

    1. how you feel safe with a racist???? tuhh one thing about white folk, no matter how cool when shit gets hot they will throw you so far under the bus. Can’t trust none of them

      1. White people have been using black people for sex for centuries. It’s “safe” from the perspective of being outed, but not truly safe.

  5. I think we all know who the three he’s referring to…Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh aka the dinosaur, and Russell Westbrook☕️

  6. I am not surprised. Isn’t there a NBA basketball player being sued by his ex-gay boyfriend for sleeping with a transsexual? Dwight something? I think.

  7. Please don’t give that lying racist Skeletor looking muthafukah anymore notoriety on this site. I come to sites like this one to AVOID the Jeffrey Stars and James Charles of the world. 🤢

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