are you prepared to battle the rona?

italy is on lock down.
folks are dropping dead.
they are canceling every big event until further notice.
the rona (coronavirus) doesn’t seem to be letting her foot up off our necks anytime soon,
but i had to ask my foxhole…

Are you scared?

are you stocking up on food and supplies for the next few months?
i’ll be honest with you:

I can’t afford “pandemic”.

…and i know many others who don’t have that in their budget either.
unlike the boomers who are buying up the whole cleaning aisle in fear,
many of us are living paycheck to paycheck.
i’m unemployed and depending on unemployment at the moment.
we can’t afford to have the entire crib filled with food for the rest of the year.
so what does that mean for us?
are we doomed?
i don’t even have a mask to protect me from inhaling rona’s invisible death scent.

i hope everyone will get through this pandemic.
it is causing mass hysteria for some,
but many others are taking it real chill.
maybe it’s disbelief?
we got through ebola so we can get through rona.
i think once shit really starts to go left tho

i feel that’s when everyone will start to panic.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “are you prepared to battle the rona?”

  1. Michigan here and we have no cases as of this writing. However, I’m personally very nervous and we are preparing. It’s just a matter of time before we in my home state will be affected by it. I am very afraid Jamari that this is going to CHANGE our way of life very much like 9/11 did!

    People ae sleeping on this and I hope that we take it serious!

    1. ^yeah this seems like a whole different kind of beast.
      i really hate that i’m unemployed while this is going down tho.
      that adds a higher level of fear for me,
      but i’m leaning on God to get me through.

      1. Governor Cuomo aint fucking around though, he’s on top of this shit. The best thing you can do Jamari is try and keep your immune system strong. A font on Lipstick alley suggested a cup of matcha green tea daily because of the antioxidants, two tablespoons of bragg’s apple cider vinegar in 16oz. of water and an oil of oregano capsule. I’ve been doing that and I feel great and my skin looks awesome. Hopefully my body can fight it off If I come in contact with anyone with it.

  2. This shit is going to go left for a myriad of reasons:
    -the government’s incompetence at the Federal, State, and local levels.
    -people not taking this seriously.
    -inability to act in time.
    -people getting incorrect and misleading/conflicting information.
    -not enough testing kits
    – “iT’S jUsT A fLu”.

    This COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus is unknown to us. We have no knowledge of how this virus spreads or how it came to be in the first place. I have my own theories, but that’s not for this post. We have no herd immunity to this, meaning we have no natural immune resistance to this. This has a kill rate of 3.4% as of the timing of this post which means that (since it’s being compared to the flu) that it is 34x more deadly than the flu which has a .1%death rate. The Chinese counterpart of the CDC has placed it as high as 4%. Speaking about China…

    We cannot expect to get accurate information from The CCP because they don’t want to look bad on the world stage. They are more concerned about keeping civil order and good image. China is not at all concerned with the welfare of it’s own citizens. They are inly worried about image on the world stage. Nothing more. They will deflect and put out good PR but people are dying from this world wide. The WHO at this stage has been bought and sold by China, actually condemning countries for suspending flights to China and quarantining citizens in the early stages of this thing. On Jan 30, the director General of the WHO, Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus actually discouraged travel and trade restrictions being placed on China by foreign bodies. The virus was first declared a Global Public Health Emergency the same day:

    “The WHO doesn’t recommend and actually opposes any restrictions for travel and trade or other measures against China. If anyone is thinking about taking measures, it’s going to be wrong.”

    China doesn’t even know the exact numbers of the casualties of this thing! Just like they didn’t give accurate numbers for the 2003 SARS outbreak!! We can’t rely on the government to properly help us. Trump himself is spreading misinformation about this virus and half measures are being taken, which is pissing me off the most. He said that a mortality rate of 3.4% sounds high. So now he’s the Commander In Chief, a failed real estate tycoon, a general failure, and a doctor. Must have studied at Trump Univ. What logical sense does it make to ban ppl and flights coming from Asian countries, but you won’t ban infected state to state travel via plane/train? According to personal twitter accounts, they are still letting ppl in from Italy (that may have changed from when I heard it last night to now). Fuck economic loss, we are trying to stop a pandemic right? They won’t close the schools officially, they won’t close down public modes of transportation and I def get it, they don’t want panic, however there isn’t a real way to mitigate that fear as well as curb the virus effectively, unless u lie to your audience. It’s being put on you, citizen, to wash your hands and cover your mouth, but somehow sanitizing public spaces and shutting down public areas and mass transit is too much to do? Do not rely on the government for information or help. Time and again, America leads the world with its sheer incompetence. We made jokes about it because it was China’s problem, then Italy’s, then Iran.

    But it’s here now.

    This can go very left. If this gets really bad, we may not only have to worry about the virus. Short supplies can make this a very dangerous situation quickly. Yes wash your hands and be clean and hygienic as possible. Stay away from people, don’t put your hands to your mouth, etc. Look into buying maybe oil of oregano or olive leaf extract. Black seed oil, turmeric, ginger capsules. It may help but I’m sure it won’t hurt. As someone who never carries cash on them, I would keep a couple bucks on my person throughout all this. Observe the stock market. Shit tends to drop if the market is uncertain. Look out for the words “margin call” on the news as it relates to economics. The biggest thing I urge everybody to do is to take this seriously. We never take shit seriously and a lot of ppl won’t be able to cope. Don’t expect this to be gone by summer, as there is no indication of that. How many confirmed cases does Thailand have and what is the average climate for that country? We have to get serious. Educate yourself on this subject and just be safe mentally as well as health wise. The world has never been this connected to such an extent and have such an event as a global pandemic occur so this is uncharted waters.

    1. No offense, but some of your info isn’t entirely accurate. We’re not sure what the actual kill rate is because the current rate is a percentage of confirmed cases. This doesn’t include people who are infected but have few or no symptoms. This is why the lack of adequate testing has been so problematic. Nonetheless, they’re estimating the kill rate is actually a little less than 1%.

      Secondly, it has already been determined that this almost certainly jumped from bats to pangolins (maybe) to humans at a wet market in Wuhan. I’d recommend y’all read up on wet markets and the role they’ve played in these type of outbreaks.

      Not tryna come for you, but just thought I’d correct some of the wrong info I saw. Be safe.

  3. It’ll be fine . The panic is going to be way worse than the disease. This isn’t even the first Corona virus we’ve faced recently. SARs was a Corona virus. I’m more afraid of this leading to a recession.

      1. “Margin call” I would start gradually taking out money from the bank. Not a medical or financial expert, but prevention is better than cure. Be safe everyone.

  4. At the end of the day, there’s nothing really we can do.

    I’m just going to keep washing my hands and keeping everything else clean, and keep my head low.

  5. When I see bodies flooded on the street then I’ll take this so called ‘plague’ seriously. Other than that, this is nothing but propaganda and hysteria pushed by the media😒

  6. Based on the research that I have seen, the moment you start seeing symptoms you supposed to be quarantined but those symptoms don’t shown up until its too late and it has spreaded and infected your lungs. There is a lot of misinformation on this because the Government is not taking it serious because of the money situation. That would mean International travel has to stop. State borders have to be closed. Businesses have to close, schools have to close. There is no known way to fight this because once a person is infected, there is no protocol that is being enforced. When there was one infected person in the country, she was allowed to see her husband. He then got infected. Then people started traveling to China and back and more and more people started getting infected because there is actual footage of people purposely spreading this so they don’t feel alone. Government officials should have done something about air travel instantly and treated it as if we are at WAR. China has been testing chemical war fare for a long time and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was their plan all along. Come out with a cure and charge everybody across the globe. This is Global. We have to enforce washing hands. Demanding restaurants and other establishments with public restrooms to make sure soap and water is working. We need to start acting like Adults and sneeze and cough in our elbows and not on people. Wash your hands immediately afterwards. Whether it’s airborne or by touch we need to protect ourself because OUR Commander is worried about an election he is damn well about to lose.

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