tyrone wells and johnnell might let you cum and paint them

lemme font you foxhole…

Tyrone Wells has some good pipe

now before you think i experienced that log ride,
i’m talmbout some of the videos i saw on their “onlyfans”.
he gives johnnell that bomb from what i’ve seen of videos of their sexcapades.
well it seems they are taking their show on the road.
a foxholer sent me what they did over the weekend


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👬🏾💕💓👅 lovers for life

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they both did a sip and paint with “paint forbidden fruit sip“.
it went down in columbia, south carolina.


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😚😛😜😏🤪😻❤️ Happy Monday

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the foxholer asked me:

“Do you think they let the vixens touch them?”

good question.
i wonder if they’d let me touch them?
you know,
to make sure there are oiled down correctly.
tyrone looks tired in those pics.
johnell is so handsome to me:


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Sometimes change is necessary 😘🥰😍🔥😻

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but tyrone’s bawwwwwwwwwwwwdy:


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Miss Me?

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and the angles:


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💋 sleep tight

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After effects 👅💦 #blackmen #muscle #abs #tattoo #chest #melanin

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the thoughts of a meat sandwich overwhelm me.

i do like they do things together tho.
they like “a couple” couple.
the couple that works a sips and paint together; stays together.
i wonder if they’ll ever get married?
if they already aren’t?

low-key: one thing about these two,
once their videos leak,
you got about 10 minutes to jack off because they don’t play that shit.
tyrone gives some serious throat tho.
i was like omg.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “tyrone wells and johnnell might let you cum and paint them”

  1. I love these two but the only thing I can’t shake is that they look like blood brothers lol or that they could be related …which goes back to this thing of gay men who date / get into relatationships people that look like them…

  2. Johnell looks like an extremely different and much sexier guy in that first picture. Angles are magic .

    1. It’s amazing how gay men just focus on looks…. rather than the overall person. I am an extremely sexy guy regardless of what angle considering I look better than people 10 years younger than me….at 39! Let’s see your “angle”

      1. @Johnnell

        If that’s really you behind this comment it’s in poor taste. I’d expect 19 yr old gay narcissist to say “I’m EXTREMELY SEXY” not a 39yr old. And why did ONE comment get your attention rather than the countless praise you receive all over social media? Let your art speak for itself rather than displaying your insecurities to randoms online. smh

        1. Lol I can except your criticism💯…but like why does it have to be about how someone look in our community all the time? Yes I’m human and yes I speak out loud when I feel bold enough to do so. I wasn’t being arrogant at all I was defending what I felt was small minded to focus on. I did say I look great because I work hard to take care of myself…not just at a certain “angle” sometimes it not about how sexy or fine someone is….but about their confidence, and how well someone takes care of themselves….the inspiration someone gives to the community….the beauty not only in their physical but mental as well. So maybe if he didn’t make it his duty to just focus on the physical I wouldn’t of responded the way I did. So how is it ok for someone to do that…yet when I respond to defend myself In what I felt was unnecessary for him to say….I’m being a narcissist? I respectfully disagree!

          1. Johnnell, I say if someone doesnt like the way you look or may be judging you a little too harshly, just ignore them. You cant please everyone, and even if you wanted to, it would be impossible. Self confidence is key in situations like this, and when you love yourself wholeheartedly, even the tiniest criticism’s wont bother you.

          2. My introduction to you was this post and your reply so the only thing I could focus on was things in this post which is mainly about your looks. How great you look only means that you look great to me. I’m from South Florida so I don’t simply equate a nice body with any other positive attributes. I know that there are a lot of people with amazing bodies who are not healthy. Now had Jamari posted something about you that wasn’t about your looks then I could have focused on that. He didn’t because that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about lusting after fine masculine men which is all I know about you.

          3. Let it be. It’s really good that he replied. If I saw him in real life I’d wish I could be him. Like so many beautiful gay black men he got upset the moment he wasn’t worshipped. I didn’t even say he wasn’t sexy. Just said he was sexier at a different angle. But it’s good to remember that even the beautiful aren’t always confident in their beauty.

      2. Sorry if I hit a nerve with that post. Oddly enough it’s because you look young in general. You look older in that first picture which is why I said you look sexier. Looks are the least important things too me. The only things I know about you are based on this blog post and your comment to me. Jamari just talked about how sexy you were. In responding to me you only talked about your looks. I can’t really talk about qualities I’m not made aware of.

        Sorry if you thought by saying you look sexier at one angle that meant you didn’t look sexier in another. That wasn’t my intention at all. I was just pointing out how amazing angles are. At one angle I can look like the fem queen I am. Another angle and I look way more masculine. Perhaps I should go into photography because I’m fascinated by how angles can shape our perception of a person. You are a good example. Straight on you look like you are 29. Where I can see your beauty but I’m not attracted to it . In the first picture you look 39 (you remind me of this guy lyrad from Instagram 😍). Just a change in position and my perception of you changed. Which is why I said angles are magic.

        1. @Brian Brianson

          I went back and re-read your earlier comment and I didn’t see anything that should’ve caused Johnnell to be triggered. Hell, I’ve seen far worse comments on a person’s looks than anything posted here. The space Tyrone and Johnnell occupy is all about LOOKS and the fantasy of sex. So why is he acting like those attributes has nothing to do with him when it absolutely does!?? If you’re a social media notable, fans (and non fans) will comment on your looks and body because that is your BRAND. Nothing cruel was said on this blog about Tyrone nor Johnnell to my knowledge.

          1. It’s good it happened though. Sometimes we worship these guys and think they are on top of the world in every way. It’s good to see that good looks and a hot body does not automatically translate in to confidence. It definitely helped me in the gym today to provide perspective during my workout. No point in being jealous of a dude if I don’t really know who he is and how he feels about himself.

          2. Look, I thought it was just me…

            I could understand his logic if he didn’t literally trade on his looks.

            Ain’t nobody coming to see your mental Otis…

        2. Hey your ok….sometimes text can be misunderstood and deceiving….thank you for explaining….I can understand your point of view maturely. I will apologize for any misunderstandings.

      3. You have to remember, family is not too involved in gay relationships.

        This is why hetero marriages may stay stable as people age, get sick, gain weight, etc. The kids, parents, aunts, uncles, etc are involved and now related.
        Gay relationships are rooted in night clubs, sex parties, bathhouses, and dating apps. As such, the people don’t know any better and mama, daddy, aunt Clovis, and anybody else doesn’t care. If there are kids, they’re adopted or patented with someone else. That means if there’s a break up, the kid either wasn’t all that into it any way or is going back to the agency (the sexier the gay man, the more likely the ASPD).

  3. I’d put a lot of money on it that both of them have great sex together. I wouldn’t mind being a spectator at all.

  4. Tyrone and Johnnell both look good to me, they seem to be happy and confident about how they live their lives, and I appreciate how they seem to be genuinely loving toward each other and sex-positive in general. Being a same-sex couple does not mean you have to imitate “straight/hetero” people, and they don’t, which is refreshing. I feel like the Sip N Paint circuit is serving a vital need these days, and am glad to see an openly same-sex couple participating. More power to both of them and I hope their love for each other keeps blossoming.

  5. I’ve seen a few vids, but never knew who was who, as far as names or who was giving and who was receiving. Lol.

  6. White gay community: work together, invest and build, gentrify neighborhoods…worth millions

    Black gay community: this……this site….big dicks…shade

  7. Yes they have body but they look old asf and is lol
    These two old queens are just tired…Period!
    Everyday we get a new younger cutie on the scene, these two are trying to hard to be relevant. Typical gay men with a onlyfans pg always about sex.
    Do they have a professional? No of course not!
    Play right into that gay stereotype body is everything to be wanted in the gay community aka trade.
    Jamari I luv your blog but please less about old retired queens and post the young hot n cummers: Charlie, Malcolm and Taryl Boothe.
    No more bitter queens aka Demetris Jenkins!😘

    1. First of all we like MEN here…not lil young boys
      2nd :when was 39 old lol
      3rd :you come off like a messy fa**ot
      4th: they’re living their best lives together and don’t need any of your cheap ass suggestions

      God bless and get a better logic “queen”!

    2. Um. Its porn, not public office or some form of nobility.
      Somebody puts something in somebody else. Ppl watch and squirt from somewhere on their body.

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