Jay Z Wants Your Arm, Leg, and A Side of Ass For His Line At Barneys

barneys-new-york-holiday-logoso i don’t know if you guys been following along,
but jay z debuted his line at barneys.
barneys had an issue out here where they were under fire for racial profiling.
well jay’s line was under development during all the drama.
he was waiting for all the evidence,
like the news wasn’t broadcasting it enough,
so he would address the issue.
well he said “fuck ya’ll outrage” and released the line anyway.
now you know i love good fashion but…

tumblr_mwn87ioKJS1s777abo1_500that shit looks washed.
those clothes look like “express circa 2011”.
why do we need a cashmere ski mask tho?
they saying the cheapest shirt in there is 70 dollars.
if it’s anything like the shirt on the right then im not interested.
first of all,
the only people that are buying his line are hoodrats and credit card scammers.
since barneys is not the spot for credit scamming anymore,
who does he really think is buying those clothes?
jay needs to understand the average working class person cannot afford shit like that.
he should have taken his ass to h&m and release a line there.
you know how much money he would have raked in?
i read that his line isn’t even selling like that.
smells like “fail”.
try again jay.

lowkey: i will say the bag is lowkey fly.
if ima drop a g on a duffle,
my boy louie v needs to be on the tag.

x read the ny daily news article here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Jay Z Wants Your Arm, Leg, and A Side of Ass For His Line At Barneys”

  1. Well I’m studying fashion and retail merchandising so let me tell you this these clothes are not to last because they are way too overpriced and it’s cookie cutout style, I mean, people can easily find style like that in much cheaper stores or on canal street. And he forgot this is 2013 soon to be 2014 which means plain style are out and funky/hipster is in.

  2. Y is Jay Even getting in to high end fashion. He can’t even dress. He dresses like typical hood daddy with money.

  3. Firstly the clothes look..mediocre to say the least. Anywho blacks are always quick to say we should protest and riot and leave an opportunity because someone was racially profiled well if that’s the case we need to stop shopping at Sears, Target, Macy’s, Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy, Saks, every and all other major vendors that has racially profiled blacks at some point and time.. I’m an college educated brotha, and i’ve been racially profiled in countless stores, usually just by someone (either white or black) following me to make sure i don’t steal. I have a darker complexion and i have locs (which i maintain because i work in healthcare) i don’t wear my pants sagging off of my ass nor do i grab my crotch spitting random ebonics all day however due to the stereotypical society we live in i’m the ‘dangerous guy’. Welcome to America…so can we sit here and say Jay-z’s leave of this company would have altered things? Would it have fed black children? sent anyone to college? helped anyone of us get a job? would it have stopped racial profiling in luxury stores across America? No!!! whether he left or remained we will always be profiled unfortunately because of the society we live in and the stereotypes that are set in place by the powers that be. However things won’t change until blacks realize that we have major spending power. we spend billions of dollars in retail like Gap, Abercrombie, old navy, Nike, Jordans and etc and many of these ventures or establishments view us as suspicious or threatening when we walk in those stores, knowing very well that we keep their business from going under, yet we continue to support them. but we rarely support black ventures, establishments and etc.

    Honestly i feel the whole media sensation around it is just because it’s Jay-Z and he’s black. Had he been a white man setting up an agreement with Barneys we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. I feel from a business standpoint he made a valid decision…He can do more from within the company rather then leave…True change doesn’t happen on the outside. and if he left, it would only be under the pressure of fans, many of which who can’t even afford the luxury items sold within the store. i heard his foundation is still getting the money to help send students to college, because that was the original agreement. However i feel blacks and this generation are always quick to abandon ship if something happens, hence things NEVER change because we give in to easily. this generation of entitlement. .so if i was a CEO of my own brand who had a business deal with a company am i to stop the deal based on a isolated incident that happened at a NYC location when i was away on tour?

    Shirley Chisholm said it best ” You cannot fight by being on the outside complaining and whining. You have to get on the inside to be able to assess their strengths and weaknesses and then move in”. If you don’t like how things are don’t blame business men, blame the society we live in and work to change it. If our culture worked more to change things instead of just blaming the Oprah’s, Obama’s and the jay-z’s of the world then things would be better overall. and the ‘uncle tom’ sentiment has been thrown around for years. uncle tom was term made in the novel uncle tom’s cabin that spoke of slaves that were comfortable in slavery. so if anything uncle tom’s of todays culture are people who enjoy being at the bottom of the economic pole with no control

  4. Please dont be mislead by people who blog they dont fact check, or have pr reps to discuss the info they post they just post. I said its not for the less fortunate if you cant afford get yo weight up touche, some people were of color were born into generations of money (kanye shrugs)

    1. Jay Z is that you? Or are you a dick riding stan using the name Hov. If so, what a loser.

      If I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t buy this shit. We don’t even like the clothes dude, so this is not about being less fortunate, lets make that perfectly clear, and we don’t need pr reps because our eyes don’t lie. 5 years ago I would have rocked something that looked like that, but not now. Street clothes are not hot anymore.

      The only thing I’ll rock is that hat, but I can go to Lids and by a Nets hat for like $35-$40.

  5. Barney’s has already bitch slapped him by canceling the fundraiser for his foundation at the last minute. Also heard that NYC Blacks are not having his Uncle Tom antics and are boycotting him for going on with this deal even after he knew the facts that Black people were being discriminated against. It may be the beginning of the end because he seemed to have woke up a lot of Blacks to how he is only here for money and could care less about anything else. Seems like he is going to learn real fast, that when your people dont trust you and you fall out of favor, you fall out of favor real fast with the hip White crowd who thought you were so cool and Avant-garde. Whites who can afford this are probably not going to support this due to the controversy surrounding it, you know they don’t want to appear racist. Any Black that would set foot into Barney’s after this, well its your money and you can continue to spend it at a place that will disrespect you. I guess he thought that his celebrity was going to trump the people who first made him famous and put him on the map, that they were going to just lie down and take being treated any kind of way by Barney’s. He had the chance to walk away from this and chose to get the money instead showing his true character. After seeing the bullshit items in this line, just wait until February when this failed line will be at a Outlet Mall near you.

  6. Umm Jamari you are assuming he made his line for the street thugs that listen to his music. He didn’t. He made it for the Manhattan yuppies who will buy his shit just to be “kool” as they are wearing a Jay Z wear so they show off to their. Friends. Remember it’s kool to be black and wear your pants down your add in those neighborhoods….just like the black boys do. He will have buyers and guess what some of those broke ass niggas will spend their last buck that they trade and buy the $70 shirt and that $875 stupid hat ! So he is fine . I won’t be the one putting a dime in his white lined pocket. He can kiss my sweet ass.

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