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7 thoughts on “SCANDAL, WHAT????”

  1. If I were Olivia I would’ve fainted I’m the streets once I heard the sound of my mothers voice then saw her after thirty years. My body would’ve hit the pavement.
    Cyrus is prostituting his hubby. Out if all the characters I fuck with him least. He is the epitome of shady, he almost had his husband killed last yr.
    I want Sally’s hubby and Cyrus hubby to start fucking,
    They need to kill Quinn off and Olivia’s dad.
    I don’t think this is the end for Phobe, she’ll be back by the end of the season.
    And I actually love Millie and want her and Fitz to work it out after last wks ep believe it or not.

  2. I agree with Run dead on! Quinn is now useless and could mess the Pope operation. Why would she trust someone who Huck tried to torture last season. She should have been a better gladiator.
    Cyrus got BURNED and I’m glad he’s feeling it when he saw the pics of his husband. But I felt he should’ve known that when his husband came home hours late and immediately wanted to take a shower. I did respect Eli Pope but when he held his own wife in a jail cell, I’m like really. And Yes I want Mellie and Fitz to work too, but would it still work if Mellie were to let him know that his father raped her? I asked that question on fb and some women were like she should have left then. I was like well maybe she loved Fitz more than she disliked her father in law. Anywho I digress. Finally, all I saw was Phoebe from Friends trying to as Senator, I really did Lisa Kudrow change from silly girl to reformed Senator.

  3. I’m personally over Olivia Pope and her hoe-ish-ness with Fitz, I swear I feel every time they have a scene together Waiting to Exhale starts playing in my mind. I was soooooooo hoping that she was going to work with Jake because he is fine as hell, but I will say their sex scenes have me feeling like it could cross over to soft porn at any minute. They have GREAT chemistry together its insane!!!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEN Cyrus’ dude cheats on him, but secretly I believed he did it partly for revenge because his husband was using him as a pawn and them partly because he may have felt that is what his husband wanted him to do because it helps him with the election next year and then his career so it was like sacrificing part of himself for the one he loves BUT Cyrus isn’t gonna take it that way.

    Mellie needs to stfd and have several seat and needs to realize she lost her husband awhile ago and let love grow the way it wants to, GO AWAY MELLIE. Can we kill her off in like a season or two…..

    LASTLY, I WANTED QUINN TO DIE AFTER SEASON TWO, Im tired of her weak ass self, does she not see the company she’s in?! It was like nut up or shut up. I sorta thought in the trailer after watching Huck lick her face I thought he’d have sex with her while torturing her…becuase he’s crazy and it would be a revenge type of thing.

    I SOOOOOO WISH THIS WAS ON HBO because the unedited version would be AMAZING!!!!

  4. Cyrus ain’t right and I think his husband cheated because he knew he was getting pimped out. I love Mellie but I don’t want her to work it out with Fitz. She should leave him alone and do her own thing. I don’t want him with Olivia either. I like her with Jake. Can’t wait to see what happens when Liv meets Mama Pope. Idk how I’m gonna survive the winter hiatus

  5. I, too am so over Olivia and Fitz. Actually, I never cared for that relationship. Out of all people, she had to fuck the pres. Really?

    Mellie does not love Fitz…and vice versa. They are both holding on for political reasons. Remember, Mellie wanted to run for office.

    I love Cyrus’ character, although I can’t stand how he undermines people for selfish gain.

    Abby and David just need to run off somewhere. S/N: Why does she look so much younger this season? Hmm.

    It’s time for Quinn to go before she messes up the Pope alliance.

    Daddy and Momma Pope are going to be the stars this season. Can I be Olivia’s brother?

  6. Is Olivia’s mother a terrorist? Is that why she has been in jail for 20 years. Is she crazy, is she part of B6-13. Cyrus’s husband only pretended to cheat once they figured out they had been set up. any why isn’t anybody talking about Harrison sleeping with the white girl?

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