is tony farmer gonna be fainting again in court soon?

*The following entry contains disturbing images.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

a hyena rarely changes its fur.
some are born to be psychopaths.
remember tony farmer?
he is a ( x high school baller wolf ) who was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend in ’12.
( x see story here )
he served 2 years for that crime.
he’s the star of this famous fainting gif from this video:

well he was released and seemed to have been doing well last i saw.


not really.
a foxholer sent me this ig page a couple minutes ago.
his ex,
seems to be painting him to be the star in these alleged videos from last summer…


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this is an alleged audio confession:


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i believe in the law of attraction and naming yourself with “knockout” isn’t good.
there is power in words.
if this is him in these alleged videos,
my next question is…

Did she not Google this hyena before she dated him?

sure he is cute,
but he seems to be a full blown psychopath by this ig page.
that is fuckin’ scary and i wouldn’t wish abuse on my worst enemy.
as for tony,
he is gonna fuck with the right one.
there is a vixen that is gonna end up killing his ass for putting paws on her.

see the whole instagram: here

see her ig: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “is tony farmer gonna be fainting again in court soon?”

  1. In these times and days I have no compassion for the so-called second or third victim. Especially in this case, if she can upload and put this information on social media, she had the capacity and probably did know his past. His past is too recent to get mixed up with him. It is like a woman or man that gets involved with someone they know is married (…..August Alsina). You knew what you walked into,when you walked into it. Now that it does not work they way you want it to work you become the victim. She saw potential of dollar signs, and put those dollar signs before common sense. See what that gets you.

  2. I’m a bit confused here because it looks like HE (unless she hacked his account) posted that stuff under his IG. How stupid is that?!! Damn, that is crazy how some dudes get. Did you see how he was choking her out dragging her into that apartment?! That’s just crazy man.

  3. More to this story. He’s definitely made mistakes in his past but she is setting him up. There’s a YouTube video with his side of the story. Some chicks will do this. The video with her breaking down the bedroom door to get to him is all I needed to know. Also to do all that on video in front of his 4 year old kid is unforgivable although that seems to be from a separate occasion. He just needs to leave her alone.

    1. Wait huh? Not to discredit your comment but how do you set yourself up to get abused? He clearly has a history of violent behavior, has been sentenced to jail for it, and even stated himself not to take up for him because this is who he is. He needs to leave alone ANY woman he deals with until he gets the help he needs. I don’t care what she’s done, if he didn’t feel physically threatened his big ass had no business putting hands on a woman.

      1. Yeah, like I said, more to the story. This is a recent social media page. The police report is from like 2018 and the bloody pictures she attached are from different fights with other females. According to him this is like the third time she tried this because of what he did when he was in school. According to him he hasn’t been arrested since he got out of prison for the original case in school. The police been out like six or seven times but she was always the aggressive one. In fact in that ring doorway video he was trying to leave, hence the backpack and she was attacking him, and she got that bleach bottle in her hand that she was pouring on him. She knows the optics and is playing the stereotypes of big violent black man. (In the south no less) Toxic. I had a relationship like that with a chick that used to throw stuff and hit cause she felt that if she wasn’t getting hands put on her I didn’t love her like her exes. When I bounced she still lied and told all our friends I beat her. Some chicks be foul.

        1. ^damn if this is true,
          that is terrible.
          he needs to understand that he will always have to prove himself because of his past.

          so what’s the the vms of his alleged confession?
          why would she even do this if she knows she will look like an idiot in the end?
          i have so much questions.

          1. I stumbled across a YouTube podcast that atleast explains his side. She seems like a piece of work. She got videos of her punching other chicks at work. She clearly is violent. I think he said he dumped her. She was upset because he was cheating and ghosting her. What was funny was Police was involved a ton of times and always sided with him because she was the aggressor each time. Once this hit the internet again they called her and asked if she wanted to press charges. She didn’t because she was sober by that point and knew those social media posts were compiled to make him look bad but wouldn’t hold up once he proved the pics were from fights with other ppl.

    2. Regardless of her being violent with others, he’s the one who was caught dragging her! In our racial society, he will always be the bad guy, but due to his upbringing, narcissism, and sociopathy, he doesn’t get that, that’s why he’s still dealing with these succu-Beckies.

      The moment he put his hands on her and didn’t distance himself from her, he incriminated himself.

      Black men need to learn how to emotionally defend themselves, and that can be achieved through therapy.

      Furthermore, it isn’t a good idea for someone on parole to romantically involve themselves someone who is unstable.

  4. ESPN is doing a expose on him. Apparently he is a good guy other than what he was charged with when he was a junior. The teachers from the school drove his schoolwork to prison to make sure he could get his diploma and didn’t have to get a GED. He made a mistake but that doesn’t mean you throw that whole life away. And I think he plead guilty in the original case and still takes responsibility.

  5. Pay attention to these men’s features!

    He looks like how he acts: like a brute, Cro Magnon ogre (with that head shape and brow), but people are charmed by his athleticism and those dumb ass tattoos. He seems like the type to have always been a problematic troublemaker, the kid in class who terrorizes other children and gaslights them about it, then goes home to break his parents expensive flatware and blame it on the dog. Those types aren’t meant to function in society. They usually end up on the fringes (selling drugs, robbing people, or committing sexual assaults) and working as full time gig workers, but this one had a “wicked jump shot”, so people took an interest in him and placed him on a pedestal – which only made things worse. He’s a narcissist and a sociopath (a psychopath would’ve successfully planned and executed the murders of both his current girlfriend and the girlfriend that was kidnapped).

    Another one who’ll be back where he feels oh so comfortable… prison.

  6. Jamari don’t fall for it. That is Tony in these comments. Did you not watch the vid of him admitting to beating her smh

  7. Oh, so that’s the guy from that fainting gif! He cleaned up really nicely & got his body together, too bad there seems to be something wrong with his “mental”.

    I’ve learned not to really worry about women in abusive relationships, because they won’t leave….until they’re ready.

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