did the nypd have the right to kill kawaski trawick?

is it wrong to say i’m not comfortable with the nypd?
never have; never will.
the way cops these days shoot first and ask questions later is enough for me.
i doubt i’d ever mess with a cop.
i’ve heard from countless examples of how crazy they can be.
i don’t even want to ask them for directions if i’m lost.
if siri can’t get me where i need to be,
then ima take my ass home.
i wanted the opinion from the foxhole about this story tho.
in april 2019,
kawaski trawick was killed up in the bronx by the police.
the full video of his death was released,
but as the nypd put it,
it was “justified” why they killed him.
this is the video

i have a few thoughts:

Why did he lie about a fire after being locked out?

Why did be bang on doors and create a scene?

Why did he not put down the knife after being told repeatedly to do so?

one of the biggest issues for me was the black officer telling his partner not to shoot.
that could have been handled if they tased and detained him.

Why rush to shooting him?

was it because he screamed that he was gonna kill them?
from what i saw in the video,
it seemed kawaski was “off” in how he was speaking back to the police.
mental illness?
so my question to the foxhole,
after watching that video…

Were the officers justified in killing Kawaski Trawick?

8 thoughts on “did the nypd have the right to kill kawaski trawick?

  1. He looks very familiar. I feel like we’ve crossed paths, have friends in common, or chatted on one of the apps – either way this is tragic, and why we need to defund the fucking police!

  2. Now I heard about the white NYC dentist who terrorize,physically harm, and harass residences; however, police didn’t attempt to knock on his door?? Now I wonder, would the doctor been in the same predicament if he had a knife? Regardless there needs to be a better tactic to restraint the mentally ill and I hope the new administration will not turn a blind eye at this issue!!

    1. Someone needs to shoot his ass! I saw that story the other night on the news and I can’t believe no one in that damn building has a weapon, or at the very least has family out of town with one. New York is damn mess sometimes. I stay strapped in these streets. Act fool if you want.

  3. Kyle Rittenhouse killed 2 white people, had bail put up for him and is now out. Don’t ask me if this Black man could have been subdued peacefully. Never knew knives beat guns.

  4. IMO, the officers were NOT justified!! The interesting thing to me is that I’ve not hear from a law enforcement coalition that they need some type of new disarming tool that they can use in these types of cases where the person they’re dealing with has mental health issues. It’s either taser or gun. As depicted here, apparently white people prefer to shoot, kill, and get it over with. White cops take advantage of EVERY opportunity to kill a black person. Target practice? Covert white supremacy? All of the above! The black cop knew the white cop was trigger happy, and the gentleman would have been dead a lot earlier if he hadn’t been there. It’s interesting how the white cop looked at the black cop after he fired 4 rounds into the gentleman. It was as if he recognized that he acted rashly and was looking for approval or disapproval from his partner. Cops are DANGEROUS when it comes to black people. We are seen as disposable.

  5. Most cops are not trained to handle the mentally challenged civilians and some are just straight killers that hide behind the badge. A warning shot is shot in the air, to disarm somebody you either shoot the hand with the weapon in it but in a situation with a knife, shoot their foot. He can’t run and charge you with a bullet in his foot. If the adrenaline pushes him to run then you shoot the other foot. If he keeps running, then you take the baton out and swing in his ass. That’s justified! No matter what state we live in, this country has proven time and time again, through riots, looting, quiet protests, boycotts and all; this country does not care about what happens when cops shoot a black person. An animal would get more justice than a black family would. George Floyd death proved that and so many more others. Look at what happened to Breonna Taylor. The officer was charged for shooting bullets at somebody else house but not for killing a woman who didn’t have a weapon. How was that justified by offering the State Attorney a higher position and meeting VP Mike Pence Boss.

    Even the cop said don’t shoot and they did anyway but he has to follow Code Blue or lose his life. What kind of serve and protect is that. I take my hat off to those who actually do their job. Them other ones, not giving them the opportunity to catch me with a weapon. Anything in your hand is consider a weapon and they feared for their life. They are not trained to talk black mentally challenged civilians down. They are however taught that every person with no melanin is not a threat. They have literally been taught to talk a mass murderer with seven guns strapped to his back down and not even handcuff him and offer him water. A black man with seven guns strapped to his back will automatically be shot to death, no questions. That is our reality, our society, our America. You may see otherwise or haven’t experienced it first hand. This… is not towards those men who go home and know what’s right and wrong and don’t see color as a threat but see what they can control.

    1. I’m in no way defending a white officer but only in Hollywood can anyone be taught to effectively shoot in a foot or a hand in real life confrontational situations and Officer aren’t allowed to fire a warning shot in the air, bullets that fly into the air eventually come down or go through walls and can harm innocents.
      It’s in Article 35.

      All your other points are well said.

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