teyana taylor has an announcement because ya’ll don’t support her

i like teyana taylor: the socialite.
she definitely has a personality you can’t ignore.
teyana taylor: the singer tho?
now i’m not saying she is a terrible singer,
but she doesn’t move the meter for me when she drops a project.
i did like this song:

…but i don’t rush to listen to her music.
she was shocked at how many people listen to her on spotify’s 2020 wrapped.
she announced she is retiring on her ig post…

it’s very hard to be black and a creative.
you don’t get the push,
your own people don’t support you,
and you’re constantly fighting to be seen and heard.
a couple weeks ago,
i legit asked one of my home wolves why teyana isn’t bigger as an artist.
she can sing and is pretty charismatic.
he responded:

“She is too rough around the edges.”

i can see that and she comes off more into being on the scene.
you can count on teyana being everywhere,
but that is how i know her.
she doesn’t give me artist too much.
she gives me urban socialite with the fire bawdy,
fine husband,
and cute babies.

…and maybe,
that’s okay?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “teyana taylor has an announcement because ya’ll don’t support her”

  1. While Teyana’s got talent, I can honestly say I’ve never listened to any of her music. She comes off as too “hard” & looks a bit too “ruff”, so I guess that’s why she never really caught on.

    Teyana’s got a nice family, which she loves to show off, so she might as well become an “influencer”.
    To be honest, I’ve always seen her more as “a personality” than “a singer”. And I’m sure her family will make more money selling themselves as “a brand”, than anything else.

    Since they always seem to come off as “an odd couple”, I think Teyana’s really a lesbian & Iman’s bi, but they got together on some “Will & Jada” type stuff. I just fear for Iman, because just like Jada, I think Teyana talks entirely too much about their sex life (especially for being “the lesser known star”). And just like Will, something tells me Iman’s got secrets.

  2. I want to know what Kanye saw, because she was signed to his label. That’s why he put her in his Fade video. Teyana has a real soft voice. She can sing, but her music… depends on how you like her sound. Not everybody has the same taste or ear. She may make music that a certain group likes. Like her husband song, that song shouldn’t have been released. The video was a complete thirst trap in the style of D’Angelo’s Untitled. Iman got body, voice he don’t. I see why his parents named him after the model. When people get money, they feel like they can push anything on people and we supposed to just accept it. Then they want to throw “retirement” out.

  3. Honestly the problem is that it’s just black community. Here me out Teyana is very talented more than vocally capable but has a tendency to do a little to much in presentation and it comes of Tyler Perryish. As for a lot of the other women (and some men) if they don’t have the crossover appeal which in this day and age is kinda over you don’t go any further than your own people. I also think the death of the music video show + radio being your primary points to hear music you don’t own hurt a lot of artists. Kids don’t really listen to there parents music anymore, they listen to what they want in their headphones. Think about how many artists we as a society use to be exposed to just by these outlets! Now people don’t go past anything they don’t know. They don’t really explore like they use to unless they are really music people.

  4. Another one I guess will be announcing an OnlyFans.

    I like Teyana’s music. Her 90s vibe is dope af and her voice is the lovechild of Lalah Hathaway x Brandy. She’d be more supported if she took the hardness out of her image and tried better producers.

  5. ahem…THEM SONGS AIN’T THAT GOOD!!!! Sorry! And I LOVE Teyana, Keyshia and Keke so many more. But Teyana needs to pay as much attention to song choice, lyrics, substance, and vocals as she does visuals. Bey can get away with monster visuals because at the end of the day all Bey needs is a mic. I feel like these modern girls (and guys) spend more time on making the video to these songs than they do actually recording them….

    1. Bey could use a little extra time on song choice and lyrics, but you ain’t hear that from me! LOL…

      1. Nope she doesn’t. Bey, right or wrong, still has that album vision when the rest of the worl as that singles vision. Sure if you listen to bey songs individually you may think she should have chosen another song, but when you put it in the album, you realise that it’s actually really coherent with the story she’s telling. Like she sya years ego, we do not consume album anymore, single single after single and that’s relly sad. That’s why people are going to try to explain how Chris Brown is that legend above all because he has 145 songs on an album (that all sound the same btw) when is actually more of a compil than an real album.

  6. Pac had so many songs he never put out for a reason. Same with Michael Jackson and Prince. These artists knew that some things you just have to keep it to yourself until you hit the grave.

  7. Another thing, we throw away our people too fast. There is no way why people think Missy Elliott is a new artist. Just because they don’t drop an album doesn’t mean they didn’t put in the work. Why do we have to wait until they get old like Patti and Gladys to give them their flowers. Trap and thot music is not the best music. I like Meg but that damn Body song, that should have been a commercial for some gym and that’s it. Its annoying but its catchy. Don’t Stop, that’s classic Meg. The thing is, these artists are fed up with studios pushing them to be somebody else, they are making their own label and just putting out anything. Its too many “yes” people in their circle to say, “naw let that go, put that on the shelf”.

    1. I completely agree!! Along with the “Real Artist” are competing with people that have no place in music. Plus it seems people are entertained by the dumbest & most juvenile of things.

  8. Whoever said her management team may be the issue, may be right. Its clear she not doing it for the money because between her dancing, modeling, acting, directing, she straight off her own income. Then she is married to a NBA Champion, she good. She just want what she feels she is worth and there is nothing wrong with that.

  9. Teyana Taylor is a wonderful dancer, incredible actor, singer, she needs to find a movie where people would wake up on. Like a Lauryn Hill biopic. Not only can she play the part but she can sing it too. Granted Lauryn only has one official album, that’s all you need.

  10. I believe the issue with Teyana Taylor is the serious disconnect between her public image and her music. Teyana is sex appeal personified. She’s edgy and fun. She gives heavy ball room queen vibes. So when she announces new music, you’re thinking shes gonna give you some Britney/Rihanna/Ciara/Janet vibes. Yet what she ends of giving is Erykah/Jill Scott/Angie Stone vibes. Her opting to make these almost neo-soul, mid-tempo albums as opposed to fun, lively upbeat albums is confusing to her fans.

    1. Good ass point, I feel like she tries too hard to prove that she can sing, when clearly nowadays doesn’t really matter anymore. I feel like she’ll pop if she does like some trap&B shit. Kinda like a female Bryson tiller. That vibe is more cohesive with her attitude and aesthetic. She gives us a sprinkle of that, but I feel it should be her signature. Basically kinda what the new girl danileigh kinda does but not as watered down.

    2. That was my problem EXACTLY with Teyana’s latest album. I wanted a hybrid of Megan thee Stallion X Disclosure as done by Kaytranada and she gave me an album of midtempos and ballads. Although I bought it because I wanted her to win and expected some club heat, I never played it again.

    3. Alla this. In addition to the androgynous vibe, she’s not R&B. She’s pop, dance, maybe alt-r&b. She should follow the Grace Jones/Rih template and broaden her appeal/sound beyond black folks. Her look/energy & her music don’t match.

    4. This is it! This is the comment!

      There have been plenty of successful popping black female artists that were considered “rough around the edges” No excuses.

      Fact is Teyana has no identity as an artist.

  11. Studios have changed the way artists are. They push these artists to copy somebody else style because it is what that is selling. You can’t force Teyanna Taylor to be Ri, Bey, Aaliyah, or even Mary J., she not that girl. That’s Keyshia Cole. Keyshia came out the door sounding and mimicking Mary J. Blige style. Remixing old songs to her voice and sound. That heartbreak type of music. When she started doing her own style, nobody bought her music. Bey has the money to bring in every writer there is to make her sound any way she wants. She has earned that. This is why Beyoncé has a different sound every album. When she decides to put a album out, only Beyoncé can drop a album with no promotional tours or anything and her album goes number 1 within hours.

  12. Keke Palmer is another one who has been making music for the longest but it’s never popped off for her.

    I think Teyana& others just need that one hit but a lot of them don’t have the ear for finding it. People like to pretend like Rihanna was always this huge in demand pop star right out the gate when really she was just a cute girl with a couple of catchy songs that was just there. It wasn’t until Umbrella and her GGGB album that she became a solidified pop star.

    1. ^from what i was told,
      rihanna was gonna get dropped.
      they were pushing teairra mari very heavy.
      she was being pushed as the next “mary j”.
      this might sound bad,
      but that incident with chris really helped push rih to the front.
      she was able to revamp her image and even with that,
      black folks still chose chris over her.
      she continued to work hard and here we are.

      was too busy on the scene and not focused.
      i was told her got pregnant dude who did “tipsy”.
      rihanna was always focused and working.
      she liked to have fun,
      but she always was ready to work.

  13. She’s has the tools, but’s it’s something about her that’s not being received well. I compared her to other female singers that are more successful, just to see what they may have that she lacks. I feel she lacks role model appeal. Everybody at some point wanted to be like BEY, RI, Aaliyah and still do. Although she has some bops. She’s not the girl that little girls idolize. Nor the girl that men will fantasize about (although beautiful)

    She’s kinda like a modern day grace jones. With the dope androgynous energy. And good music. But criminally underrated because they don’t fit the “American seeetheart image” however I do think she has received more recognition for her music in recent years than ever before. She’s actually doing decent in my eyes. She’s just not on the level that she feels she deserves. So she’s throwing in the towel.

    1. I actually think you may be onto something. I remember when I first saw her on MTV’s Sweet 16, I thought she a sporty butch lesbian. When I found out she was dating a man, I realized her androgynous energy was that masculine way of carrying themselves that many women born and raised in New York have.

    2. ^i think she has had really bad management and they don’t know how to market her.
      you might be onto something about her not being an idol nor a fantasy.
      i love that she has a 90s aesthetic.
      she might need to play on that because when she makes songs like that,
      they are often received well.

    3. As someone who saw people “not get into” Grace Jones (while I thought she was everything), I would say this analogy is fair.

  14. If backhanded compliment were in the dictionary this post would be under it. Along with Coco Jones, Keke Palmer, China Anne McClain and many other actresses who can sing, the Black community “loves them”, but doesn’t support them. Chloe x Halle are BEYONCE cosigned and don’t have a #1. They’ve been doing alternative music for a minute. There are plenty of Black talent that Black people ignore. Verzuz proves that. People call Brandy the vocal Bible. Who bought her last album. What about Monica? People are “hype” for Ashanti v Keyshia as if they stopped putting out music.

    Black community: wondering outloud Whatever happened to XYZ? I used to love them * doesn’t look them up nor support their latest work* still wondering outloud I miss the OLD XYZ. They fell off* still doesn’t look them up but having a random opinion

    Also Black community: These new people don’t do it for me

    Still Black community: watches Verzuz Yaaaaaas

    at end of Verzuz XYZ artist: My new album is coming out next week/My album from lasr yearis available to stream

    Black community: yawns Girl Bye. Where is Rihanna to save music?

    We claim about there not being enough music, but only support a few select people

    I like Teyana’s music. She even got mainstream cosigning from Elron John and people still ignored that duet. (I remember Rihanna x Paul McCartney being a cultural reset)She does R&B but while I can vibe with pop, pop today is R&B sung by Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes (They call it acoustic as if R&B has no guitars)

    If Black people say you’re rough around the edges, it means you aren’t giving pageant queen. Nobody would call Sza, Beyonce, Rihanna or Summer Walker “rough”. But we like “edgy”. No we like soft features in edgy clothing. And that’s for another day.

    1. This! All of this! Our people make all kinds of reasons and excuses to not like this new black girl or that new black girl, and it’s been a sad watch these last two decades.

    2. REVEREND Bored Sword, you preached on THIS one!!!!!!! Although Summer Walker is VERY ROUGH around the edges, LOL….I have been with Teyana since “Google Me”, hoping she would get the break (I think) she deserves. But, she will be fine. I still look for new music from Brandy, Monica, Mya, and Ashanti but I will admit I am the ONLY person I know who does. Sad, it is…

  15. It just doesn’t work for her and that’s ok! She’s beautiful, has a nice family and a sexy, rich NBA player husband she’ll be just fine. I wish we as a people can normalize stop forcing something that doesn’t work for us our mental health would be save a portion of our sanity.

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