is tony farmer gonna be fainting again in court soon?

*The following entry contains disturbing images.
Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

a hyena rarely changes its fur.
some are born to be psychopaths.
remember tony farmer?
he is a ( x high school baller wolf ) who was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend in ’12.
( x see story here )
he served 2 years for that crime.
he’s the star of this famous fainting gif from this video:

well he was released and seemed to have been doing well last i saw.


not really.
a foxholer sent me this ig page a couple minutes ago.
his ex,
seems to be painting him to be the star in these alleged videos from last summer…

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The Sad End To A Pre-Baller Wolf’s Begining




everyone meet tony farmer and his gigantic lips!
don’t get too excited…

this is the face of someone who just found out their dog died.
well, much worst actually.
his hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
he WAS one of the top 100 college basketball prospects in the class of 2013.
he WAS being courted by several colleges.
now, he is the number 1 prospect for State Penn U.
for kidnapping and threatening his girlfriend.

good work there buddy.
that basketball career has now come to a screeching halt….

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