The Sad End To A Pre-Baller Wolf’s Begining




everyone meet tony farmer and his gigantic lips!
don’t get too excited…

this is the face of someone who just found out their dog died.
well, much worst actually.
his hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
he WAS one of the top 100 college basketball prospects in the class of 2013.
he WAS being courted by several colleges.
now, he is the number 1 prospect for State Penn U.
for kidnapping and threatening his girlfriend.

good work there buddy.
that basketball career has now come to a screeching halt….



sucks to be him.
shouldn’t be fainting, “oh shittin”, or crying.
he should be taking that punishment like a man.

attractive with some nice lips in the big house?

people need to stop letting one moment of anger fuck up their future.
or, fucking with people who can fuck up their future.
hopefully, he learns something in jail.

…. well, um…er..aah.
learn his lesson!
you know what i meant!

12 thoughts on “The Sad End To A Pre-Baller Wolf’s Begining

  1. Moral of the story: Domestic violence is a crime. Don’t beat up your girlfriend. And then don’t subsequently send her threatening messages. You will go to jail. Unless you’re wealthy and famous, of course.

      1. She really is a gorgeous girl. Prolly weighed in some watching a girl that pretty getting beat down by him.

  2. dont get the legal system rob poor people millions of dollars, cause the world to go into economic recession simply pat those executives on the back and give them bonuses. A black young man with a promising future ruin it with 7 years behind bars such a great country.
    Not saying that he should not be punish but come on seriously.

  3. I’ve always wondered about the logic behind offering an 18-25 year old millions of dollars and fame. Especially in regards to boys.

    We make dumb decisions as young adults. Not because we don’t know better, but because our ability to control our impulses isn’t great.

  4. Dude done messed up his whole career. Why do we always have to find fuck ourselves up. About 90% of the time it’s over some Domestic violence type shit. He was cute too.

    He probably will be a 28 year old rookie in the NBA. LOL

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