Sorry Foxes But Keri Hilson Is The Owner Of That Congo Wild Snake


i want to be like keri hilson when i grow up.
well, not exactly.
i can do without the constant torment from the beyonce stans.
but, i do want her love life.
she managed to snag the sexiest baller wolf in the nba.
how that happened is a mystery.
it’s safe to say it is now confirmed she is wrestling that congo wild snake.
got this mofo wishing her happy birthday on twitter and paying for her birthday party in oklahoma!!

congrats miss keri baby….

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The Sad End To A Pre-Baller Wolf’s Begining




everyone meet tony farmer and his gigantic lips!
don’t get too excited…

this is the face of someone who just found out their dog died.
well, much worst actually.
his hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
he WAS one of the top 100 college basketball prospects in the class of 2013.
he WAS being courted by several colleges.
now, he is the number 1 prospect for State Penn U.
for kidnapping and threatening his girlfriend.

good work there buddy.
that basketball career has now come to a screeching halt….

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