is safaree gonna bust out that big jamaican beef patty on his onlyfans?

okay so folks is serious about joining the onlyfans wave it seems.
ever since we got placed on lock-down,
folks gotta make money somehow.
well i thought safaree samuels was an aspiring rapper.
well he is that and he’s adding “onlyfans” to his resume…


is it different from him since he is a public figure?
this is an alleged sample of what he might be offering:


you already know he good for it:


imagine him coming out with jack off videos?

bobby lytes from “lhh miami” is on his onlyfan’s grind as well:


this might finally get lil nas x to notice him.

the day ya’ll tell me tremaine joins onlyfans,
is the day i will have to join without the foxhole telling me what to expect.

visit: safaree | bobby lytes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “is safaree gonna bust out that big jamaican beef patty on his onlyfans?”

  1. I’m with you to if Trey Songz starts a Onlyfans pg, I will be the 1st to sign up lol.
    Now if we could get him and his fineeeee brother Forest it’s a wrap.😘
    Bobby Lytes No one cares smh just work on your “music” oh no one cares about that too. 😂

    1. Nah I’d rather 1 good sex tape from Trey, atleast he could say it was “stolen” Lol if he Purposely started An Onlyfans I would have to wonder “are royalties not coming in my guy?!” An actual successful music artist shouldn’t have to Do OF, jus my opinion

  2. I don’t know this Bobby lytes person, but I am so over skinny people getting their asses done and end up looking crazy. A big ass with skinny legs is not a good look.

    1. People really need to think about that. How you gonna have a big ass with non existent hamstrings. I’m seeing the same thing with chest. Guys getting chest implants with zero triceps.

  3. Bobby Lytes isn’t verified, has no music I’ve heard of and is now doing porn? I guess. Because Black gay pornstars make it mainstream.

    People are losing their lives and porn is all we can think about? It’s over-saturated. Everyone is accessible and baring it all.

  4. I think the (former rapper) CashOut should do one considering he ain’t had a hit in a minute and shows it for free anyway…

  5. His only fans is a joke and waste of time. No nude pics. Pics are similar to Instagram. The mude videos he has are for same and extremely short, less than a minute for most. I wish I could get my money back.

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