“Insecure” Sex Scenes Literally Getting Cast Members Pregnant Out Here

i couldn’t wait to get home to font about this.
so ^that’s “big titty tasha” aka dominque perry from “insecure”.
one of my favorite shows that comes back in 3 months.
well i remember when she put this up on her ig:

…and everyone was trying to figure out who the baby daddy was.
from the caption,
it seems like it was un-planned aka “he gone”.
it was so random,
but i had a feeling there was a brewing story behind it.
it turns out i was right!
so the cub was born:

…but guess who the father is…

sarunas j jackson who plays “dro” on the same “insecure”.
this is what was put up on his social media:

 i guess after seeing one of the best tv sex scenes ever:

… “dro” clearly wanted an instant replay.
in my opinion,
this smells like a “co worker/hook up” situation.
i’ve seen it happen millions of times at various jobs,
and of course,
it leads to a very messy end on all parties.
these two are almost like their characters on the show.
i doubt this will end well,
but it does make for a good character plot on one of issa’s shows.
i’m glad the baby came out healthy tho.
i’m sure the social media antics to follow will be interesting.
good luck to all involved!

lowkey: allegedly,
a whole vixen was with “dro” during the time he shot up the club,
because she did this…

…but then alla this was posted on “the shade room”…

this is an interesting situation.
i’m starting to think sarunas was a sperm donor.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on ““Insecure” Sex Scenes Literally Getting Cast Members Pregnant Out Here”

  1. Shit I wanted to have Dros baby after the scene where he fucked Molly the way he was winding his hips.

  2. He wasn’t my fav outta the guys but that fake stroke was nice plus if you look closely between his legs, it looks like you briefly make out something flopping back. Don’t know if it’s ball sack or a cock sock but I somethin’.. You know my thotty senses be tingling when naked menz come up.

    As for Tasha..can I say how hot her character is? She’s clearly one of the sexiest of female cast and her ass is fat. Did you peep after Jay Ellis finished smashing she crouched over him with her ass tooted up. She’s got the right arch for doggy style. I betcha her cheeks be clapping like the end of an opera performance…. Just saying..

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