The Foxholer Who Dated A White Hybrid

as of late,
i’ve been seeing some of the sexiest white wolves.
in the forests,
in my office,
and on my tv:

aside from my cousin hybrid,
who has dated and swore off white males,
i don’t really know anyone else who has dated one.
i was having a convo with one of the foxholers in ig dms today.
the topic of him dating a white hybrid came up.
i asked him if i could post his experience for the foxhole.
he was down for it and this is what he said

i can see his point.

like i said in a past entry,
if a white wolf asked me out,
i wouldn’t turn it down.
he can’t be corny tho.
he’s have to have some kind of swag tho.
i’m talking like baller wolf for the chiefs,
travis kelce:

…who ironically is dating a gorgeous black vixen:

i find myself going back and forth with the idea.
some white males can be very problematic.
they also live in a bubble of white privilege.
i can’t spend the rest of my days waiting for a black wolf.
i’m not a self hater or coon for a white wolf either.
i just want to date one to see what it’s like.
so if it presented itself,
and one showed me he wasn’t a dumb ass,
i wouldn’t turn it down.
is that wrong to admit that out loud?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The Foxholer Who Dated A White Hybrid”

  1. Nah. I’ll pass. I like my milk with chocolate (my ice cream too). That is just a personal preference of mine. I’ve never been THAT attracted to a white guy to talk to him…

    Brandon P. Bell, Trey Songz, Idris Elba, Jay Ellis….Hell, I’ll even consider Jay Z before a white guy and you already know he look like a chocolate Gargoyle in the face. Idk though.

    Then again I am from the “deep South”…and here (in my state) folks are meh about interracial relationships. It’s a very touchy subject for some folks…not so much for the open hearted and thots though.

    Hmmm. I’ll think about it some more. There may be some magic working out there in the vanilla school of wizardry or somethin.

    1. Shyt..gimme Tim McGraw, Nick Jonas, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds ANY day!! I wouldn’t turn them down. Lol

  2. So he accepted you for you, but he felt uncomfortable around all your black friends?

    I’m not following.

    Ya’ll got it. The most I’ll do is smash a white dude if the ass is really, REALLY nice.

    White gays are some of the most racist, elitist people you’ll ever want to meet and that’s anywhere you go.

  3. Man, I saw this one nice thin muscular white dude in tight polo and khaki pants that just hugged his body, as he pressed his aching neck back and forth gave me a hard on at a register. Yes I wonder about the Dynamic especially economic status. Dude was in a old bmw z4 convertible while I’m in a old toyota. I wish I stepped up him to him and suggested he needed a massage, probably by me. I’ve talked to white dude before who expressed the love for the melonin and I think most would be supportive of our issues and struggle and actually had friends in interracial relationship that supported on another. I look at couples like Shaun T, and how he treated tho thy seem strong and inseparable. I do wonder about the white dudes that secretly sneak behind there white partner preferring the black meat and I see this alot. Interestly one of my white friend loves black men so much but never been approached by one and I guess he stick by the norm.

  4. Last week I ran into a friend, I hadnt seen in a minute and he told me he was dating a White Dude and the reaction on my face must have been noticeable because he quickly said, you know I am an equal opportunity Dater. I was thinking to myself, no your a Ho but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, I was like good for you, he showed me a pic, and I must admit, White dude was not bad looking at all and had nice body, but it is going to always be a NO for me when it comes to a white dude. I tried to be open to the idea thanks to my years at the foxhole and having family members who have dated and married inter-racially, but after this Orange Demon started running the country, my tolerance for all whites in general is at a all time low, and if by a small chance in hell I would date one, he would quickly tire of me calling everybody in his race a white mfukka or white bitch. I dont have any close friends who are in inter-racial black/white relationships, but if one of my close friends decides to date one, you will not be invited to my house, I dont trust them and do not want their energy in my personal space, other races of color such as Hispanic, Asians are welcome not just whitey. I know I am petty but it is how I feel, I have lived long enough to know that most feel the same way about black people even those with black partners and black children.

  5. I have been in a Situation ship with a bisexual snow hybrid for the last 2 years and can honestly say it has been the most honest, open and satisfied I have ever been. He comes from an extremely privileged background so there are a few things he didn’t understand as he had pretty much just lived in a bubble of other upper class English people (we lived in England).
    There hasn’t been any willful ignorance on his part, but what he doesn’t understand he will ask and we openly discuss differences in race and culture as there are things I don’t necessarily understand that very privileged British people do as they tend to be quite eccentric in their tastes at times. Sometimes I just give him some literature to read for deeper understanding of stuff I find hard to articulate. I see myself settling with a black man and he prefers women but we have a very understanding, happy situation ship and can see us being friends for life even after we go our separate ways.
    I see dating as trial and error, I can’t live on anyone else experiences apart from my own and you will never really know whats for you until you try. That’s not to say people who choose not to date white folks are not well within their rights.

    1. Honestly, black people (black gays) are a small minority in England so its a given for them to get with white guys because white guys make a huge uneven percentage of the population. Not saying this as a way to be negative or anything btw, I’m just saying realistically most of the black gays have or eventually will get with a white guy because in many places (esp. outside London), white people are all you see for the most part, especially in the gay community.

      1. Completely agree with you, it’s as case of not many other black gay people or the black people don’t date other black people so you do end up dating outside the race.

  6. I notice that this topic with black people dating somebody non black is always about white people. I gotten to this point where I just feel like black just get what they get something happen with white people IDC anymore. The reason black people act they way they do is because of there parents. but who cares? *shrug* next cassseee

  7. Date who you want. It’s not me. But for me, dating black men is MANDATORY. Don’t get me wrong, beauty is found within every race and if I’m being honest, there are probably some white men that I would PROBABLY cross the line for. But I haven’t seen any physical or personailty traits in white men that can’t be found in black men if you look hard enough. They don’t like us for us. Oftentimes, when a black dude is with a white dude, the white dude is almost always a fox because we are a fetish to them. They don’t want to get our plight, they don’t want to understand the black experience in a white supremisist system. They wanna fuck. So I date within my race because I stand more of a chance with my own understanding what I have to go thru in this life as a black gay man.

    1. TheDarkMagician

      Thats why I am reluctant of white men in general. I get hit on by them all the time but every time I come across white men who particularly favor black men, they are ALWAYS bottoms lol! That says a lot and it makes me cringe. I know I may be generalizing but its a recurring pattern that I see with them. This doesn’t just go for white men but non-black men in general, its just that white men are the biggest culprits of this.

      They can have the black men who lust white meat but I don’t want any parts of it. Plus from my past experiences Ive noticed that I always felt the most comfortable and content when I’m with black men. Even if its just a hookup theres always something that lights up inside when I’m in the company of my own. My best experience will always be with this fine Black Puerto Rican man from NYC, its been over a year and I still have thoughts about him from time to time *sighs* lol

  8. I’ll keep it a hundred for the foxhole,
    I’m attracted to whites, Asians, middle Eastern and Latin men. But then again I’m from LA, if that helps

  9. A white person could offer a black man/woman a cup of coffee and the black person would be like “I’ve never had someone of my own race treat me this well”. IR dating shouldn’t be such a big deal, but I swear black people over hype pleasant experiences with white people.

    Personally, I’d fuck a white dude/woman if they’re bad, but that’s about it. Dating and procreating with them is a no.

  10. The person in your DMs has the same stance as me on dating white boys. I lost my virginity to a white guy. He was from W. Va had beautiful blue green eyes and to this day the best kisser I ever encountered shot he taught me how to kiss. That being said the entitlement and micro aggressions were red flags I could not tolerate. A nice dude just a product of white culture. So saying that I can only truly take seriously another black nan or even non black POC. I will say to their credit white dudes tend to actually put in effort in dating and interestingly have way less sexual hangups than black men. Like they’re usually down for experimenting in bed, but most black men typically have a sizeable list of no’s so my freak self is usually disappointed in some way. I’m from the south so giving white men the benefit of the doubt is a luxury that’s unaffordable. The other shoe always drops when it comes to their privilege and supremacy it’s sad but it’s reality. I’m an equal opportunity dating as I’ve tried all flavors but black is still the go to. And yet I still don’t really understand other black men either so I guess the jokes on me lol.

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