Industry events are always fun.

You go and hob knob with people in the know…

Video Girls and Hoes,
Real Models
Aspiring  or Established Actors
Potential fuck buddies with connections…

… or if you are a wall flower,
sit down, shut up, and have your face in your Foxberry with the concieted grin.

The entertainment/sports industry can be a very lonely place and without the proper connections,
you can be virually labelled a “no one” very fast.
That is why it is key to be at every event,
making yourself known to the world, “This is me… Now.”

When you finally do get your foot in the door,
you have finally arrived,
but there is more work that goes into solifying your face and status amongst the rich, famous, and soon to be replaced.

Be ready, my movin makin’ Foxes.
It is game time.

So last night,
a female fox by the name of Miss Fox and I went to a networking industry event.
It was pretty quiet when we got there, but I was there to meet with a potential business partner and soon to be friend.
His name was Mister Touchy F and we met threw occasional acquaintances, plus he handles big names within the industry.

Mister Touch F was an attractive brotha with a semi solid body and a notion for alcoholic potions.
I say this because the more he drank, the more he was feeling me up… secretly of course.
Anytime we spoke,
he found some way to find his hands on my body.
He actually made me comfortable doing so, as I returned the favor.
The more we spoke, the more the touches went to squeezes and sexier deep voices in my ear under the loud music.

I also met a 3 pretty models who I made a connections with.
One model in particular made sure I had a drink in my hand and a converstion on my lips.
She was definitely diggin me, but she was moreso into gettin’ with the other models than myself.

As the time went on, the sexy Wolves started coming in.
They came in spurts but there was plenty of eye candy to enjoy.
I noticed that alot of dudes were off in their own corners; talking and enjoying their own company.
A  few of which Mr. Touch F was also “close” with.
I was very aroused to be around all these sexy men who may have the possiblity of gettin’ down.

But the antics amongst The Straights was pure entertainment.
I saw alot of models and video girls who got some potential penis that night…
How easy do they drop their drawers for a business card.

There was a sexy tall light skinned folks who came in with a shy Angela Simmons knock off.
He was dressed in casual gear and it seemed everything fit his body, oh so right.
As soon as he came in.
everyone was showing him love.
I thought he may have been someone important but,
he was just a regular industry dude with good style and maybe, great dick (here is hoping).
When I was leaving,
he was watching me as I left,

I did my best to ignore him because I didn’t want to convey the wrong message: “thristy”.
Maybe I will see him again…. 

See you there.


Author: jamari fox

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